Wednesday, 16 June 2010



Just like what I blogged just now, I'll be blogging about where I get my haircut done!

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you will know that I dye my hair myself unless I'm being asked to be a hair model.

So yup! Where do I get my hair cut, trimmed?

I've been getting my hair cut and trimmed there ever since early last year after my boyfriend intro me.

Went there last week to get a trim.

So my hair was transformed from this horrible dry with split ends and tangled ends ...

To this!

TADA!!! Very nice right?

Super happy sia~ I just can't stop touching and playing with my hair after the hair cut! Wahahaha~!

Yes~ Camwhore after my haircut!

So~ Where on earth in Singapore is this Artica?

It's at Far East Plaza #04-82!!

Worried that you still can't find the salon?

Just take the lift to level 4 and when you get off the lift look slightly to your right and


Here's their contact number -- +65 6836 2891.
You can call for appointment or any enquiries!

And who do I always look for to get my hair done?

Yea~ Juno is the Creative Director.
I always get him to do my hair for me!
Sadly, he was too busy that day if not I would have taken a photo with him.

ニャ~ Never mind. The next time when I'm there!

More information can be found here @

Ok. So here's where I get my hair done!


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