Sunday, 27 June 2010

Evita Peroni


皆さ~ こんにちは!

2 weeks back, I got invited by Abby to Evita Peroni for a mini fun session where I got to try on the super great looking accessories of their!

Invited Diana AKA molemole and Clara AKA dblchin along, too!

That many of the accessories of Evita Peroni are hand-made with materials mostly from Europe?

That's the reason why they are lasting. Of course, every cent you pay is worth the money.

Although Evita Peroni is a brand from Denmark, you can also find some stuff that is pretty Jappy-ish~!

Evita Peroni offers not only hair accessoriesbut also fashion jewels, standard eyewear, just-a-luxury eyewear and handbags!

Here's a look of some of the pretty pretty range of accessories of Evita Peroni!

Look at their range of shades~!

That Evita Peroni actually provided complimentary hairstyling services?

All you have to do it to purchase any accessory from them! You can even go back another day to get your hair styled with that very accessory you got from them before!

Time for the fun!

Here's the look I wore there that morning!

Let's begin the fun!

Hmm~ Where should I start?

I love this Messaline Head Band~!

Raven’s Pelican clip! ($39.90)

Love this simple Selda Shark clip, too! ($59.90)

That there's like at least 4 ways of wearing a double-comb?

1. Normal bun which is boring~~~ zzz...

2. Half clip

3. Decor use

4. New way of bun! LOVE THIS MAN~!


The chopstick! I seriously didn't know that my hair can actually be tied up using the chopstick! I thought it wasn't long enough~ LOL

Pretty floral big U pins.

Don't you just feel like putting on your yukata and go for Natsu Matsuri with these 2 hairdos?!

The hatclip! Super chio sia~!

I love this, too! There's also Sliver available!

Diana looking super chio~!

Ok.. Sorry but I don't have photos of Clara. Couldn't get photos of her.
But I seriously love the braid she wore!

Which is my number 1 favourite?

The Messaline Head Band! ($69.90)

Thank Abby for that fun morning and the pretty pretty accessories~!

Evita Peroni is available at, Ngee Ann City, Isetan Scotts and Isetan Katong.

Head down now and make sure you don't miss their current promotion!

It's really worth your money!

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