Monday, 14 June 2010

Qoo~ It's Anderson!


Super short post to keep my blog alive and more of my life.

I spotted this somewhere in Cityhall Area today after lunch with Boyfriend and his mom.


Got the Orange one for boyfriend and Fuji Apple for myself!

I guess love Qoo lah! But sadly Singapore only has the White Grape one now.
I miss those days where there's like 5 flavours available on the market!

Now the only place you can find the other flavours ones are like at those Japanes supermarket, convience store or at Japanese Association which you can't go in unless you're a member or student.
*Ahem~ I can still go in with my old student card. Wahahaha!!!*

But then again, they are all super ex lah!
Like what? $3 per bottle?!

Crazy price!

Had Anderson ice cream at Funan.

Actually wanted to go to Swensen's for sundae but it's closed and is now Pizza Hut instead. Sian~

Lastly, before I end this post...

Many people have been asking me where and how did I buy my Candy Doll products.

JFS will be opening cosmetic pre-order this week!

Stay Tuned!


明日 ブローガイベントがあります。



Updated my Items on Sale page with Popteen Inspired Heels.
Do check it out!

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