Friday, 11 June 2010

ハッピ ツリキ!


Sorry for the lack of updates this whole week!

Am planning something and soon, Tsuriki will not only blog about beauty stuff but also tech stuff!

So what gadgets do you have in your bag?

Anyway... Gonna start my post proper by continuing what I left last Saturday.

Went off to Cineleisure to take Neoprint after Yvonne, Gerry and Xiang Min met us at Plaza Singapura after photoshoot.

Jess went back to have dinner with her mom. Sad~ If not could take puri together~

Jess! AZA AZA!

A good thing of having a Jap phone.

You have infra-red to receive the puri images directly to your phone!
Sorry Uncle XM for saying that Jap phone sux in Singapore!
*Ahem. No offence but there IS in story behind it. Inside joke.*

Took puri with 2 machines. Super fun!!!

Where oh where are the scans...
Gerry... I know you're reading...

Jo helping to hold the flappy up

And Gerry thought of becoming Superman!


After din at Xin Wang HK Cafe, we went over to Heeren's Mac for COKE!!!

Forcing the bunny ears onto Fook Yu



Tuesday, went out with my dear Boyfriend after lesson!

TADA!!! Got my Ver5 Tamagotchi!


Hatchy hatchy eggy eggy

This is how my child Tamagotchi looks like yesterday afternoon.

Super cute lah! Now my daughter-chi is Ichigo-chi (it means Strawberry).
It's super duper かわいい~!

Like what we're wearing?

JFS's 2nd Fashion Apparel Pre-order is opening at 12pm tomorrow, Saturday!

Cosmetic Pre-order #1 will be opening next week!
(><)I can't wait myself!

Do Support!

Ok. That's all for now.
Good night!


  1. Erika.Tesshi さんへ
    Nope I don't. But have test used before.
    My friend is always using Jap phone.

    Your Applepie さんへ

  2. I like ur head band thats very cute heya i just tagged you in my blog check it out =)



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