Monday, 28 June 2010



The start of a new week. So how have your last week been?

Suddenly something just hit me 2 nights ago -- Gerry's flying soon.
Haiz~ Super sad sia~

I just can't imagine how would my next 5 months be without her until she comes back for her vacation.
Oh well~ I've never been THAT looking forward to Christmas for the past 20 years of my life.

(≫≪) Shall go prepare fast fast then go meet Gerry in town!

There's like quite a few stuff on my list that I need to do or are super delayed!

  • Meet Sidney tomorrow to do collab video which we didn't got the chance to do a few weeks ago.

    • *So sorry Sidney~*
  • Go for Watson's YOU Awards Finalist Photoshoot tomorrow.

    • *YES! I got in and will need all of YOUR support!*
  • Get costume for this year's CAF performance.

    • *Headache sia~*
  • Get a full-time job

    • *Everyone especially my mom is nagging every single second I'm home lah~*
  • Blog for LWT

    • *Super delayed! Not sure if I can reveal now...*
  • Get a new hair colour at a salon

    • *Will blog soon after I got my hair dyed*
  • Learn MIKU Dance

    • *Learning isn't the problem actually~*
  • Meet up with Sok Hiang

    • *Super delayed birthday meetup sia~*
  • Go to Akibanana with Pearl and Hui Min.

    • *We said to go together like last December lah~!*

    And the list goes on...

    Haiz.~ Ok. That shall be all for now!

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