Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I just love shopping online!

Am like going gaga over sprees lately.

hmm... Suddenly have the thought of opening a blogshop selling Jap fashion and yukata and stuff. Will anyone be interested if I do open one?

Anyway.. Here's the list of stuff I ordered for sprees this time round!

Ribbon spree I held:

The red one

The black one

This hairpin in rose pink

That's all I ordered for myself for the ribbon spree.

Also ordered more stuff together with Jo.

Hair extensions as those that I have are kinda cui already~

A simple handbag.

Boots to replace my current brown boots. I wear them too often they're falling apart already!

Wedges. I feel that this is pretty cute!

Floral dress. LOVES~

Lace dress

Checkered dress. I just have a thing for checkered clothings!

Fluffy dress. It just look so soft~~~

Polka dot top.

Fireworks print yukata

金魚 pre-tied obi

桜 traditional obi

And some batteries for my LED mirror.

Yuhu~ I just can't wait for all my stuff to arrive!

Okay. That's all for now.
Gonna rush off for Japanese lessons!


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