Friday, 26 March 2010

New Whip Hair Colour from BeautyLabo!

BeautyLaboの 新しいヘアカラーは とても かわいいです。

I was reading the latest issue of Popteen awhile ago and just stopped reading as I really am seriously tired after the swim I had after lessons today with Gerry.

Something caught my eye within the first few pages and it's the new hair colour by BeautyLabo!

BeautyLaboの 新しい、 可愛いヘアカラーです!

I know that it is a bit horrible of me blogging about it when we don't even have it in Singapore! But I just can't stop myself from sharing something THAT cute!!!

I checked out BeautyLabo's official website immediately!

The colour range for their new Whip Hair Dye.

And of course, I'll go for the lightest colour alright~!

It even has a cute name for the hair colour!
キャラメルカズタード (Caramel Custard)

Sounds so 美味しいでしょう。

It's the hair colour of the model on the left!

Jo likes スイートブラウン (Sweet Brown),
the hair colour of the model on the left!

Man~ I just wish I have one of them now!

Lastly, the CM for the cute Whip before ending this post!

Will post up more from Popteen magazine tomorrow after I've read through full.

Gonna sleep now.

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