Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Food Tasting at Pizza Hut!

Yippe! Was invited to a food tasting sessions yesterday with Miyake!

When I first saw her post on her blog on the Pizza Hut food tasting sessions she had with Brad and Esther and some other bloggers, I was like drooling already~!

My messy hairdo for the day~!

Had my fruity nails on for the day, too

Can you see that pinky glitter on the black nail(s)?

So here we are at City Square Mall's Pizza Hut for our food tasting session!

We were first served with some drinks while waiting for food to be served!

My strawberry paradise with nata de coco bits in it

It's not very sweet. Easily accepted. O(≧▽≦)O

2 different salads were served!

Oriental Salad!

We also had the Seafood tofu salad.

They are both so 美味しい~

Chicken Riblets

Super creamy Baked Beef Balls!

That's like super nice lah!

Sadly it's beef so I can't share the joy of it with Dann...
Pizza hut should have chicken ones! LOL

And here comes our main dish!

The new Soft Shell Crabbiatta Pasta!

I was actually expecting something of a tomato-based BUT it's not! The sauce is actually chilli crab sauce!

It's only rated with 1 chilli on the menu BUT it's like super spicy! WAO~!

Although I did have quite a hard time trying to make it less spicy in the way by adding lots of cheese, but still, IT'S NICE! And totally worth my afford spent to finish my pasta!

I got to know this girl Maybelle. The pasta was too spicy for her so the nice lady from Pizza Hut got a change of pasta for her!

Turkey Bacon Canbonara

I tried some of it and YES! It's very 美味しい~!

After our pasta, we were all served with dessert, too~

Warm Chocolate Cake!

For someone like me that throws up after eating chocolate cakes, this warm chocolate is nice man~! I did NOT throw up and neither did I even want to!

It's nice~ The warm bitter chocolate sauce flowing out was yummy, too!

I didn't eat alot of the chocolate cos I hate bitter chocolate. (><)

Happy people with satisfied faces after our meal!

With Maybelle

and of course...

With Miyake!

And here's our goodie bag from Pizza Hut!

Hungry already? Go down to Pizza Hut and try the new soft shell crabbiatte yourself now!

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