Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Busy busy busy

みんな、 こんにちは。

I've busy quite busy for the past week and will be busy busy till the end of next week I think.

My new facial wash and makeup remover.

They're as good as the gel makeup remover of the same brand I have. Left that small bottle of makeup remover at Dann's place as the bottle I had at his house is almost used up already!

So~ If you have been following my tweets, you would have realised that I kept tweeting that I'm rush from one place to another for roadshow and feeling super duper tired after each day.

This is Kylie. She's grouped together with me for the roadshow every weekend of this month. Man~ we feel so dead every time we look at our heels man~

These are some photos taken after our very first roadshow on last Saturday while rushing to our next location.

Kylie kept complaining that she's so tann and I'm like so so so fair~! (><)

Well... No choice but we're both borned of such a difference in skin tone.

If you were to see any roadshows around supermarkets any weekend of this month that's promoting Nescafe's new white coffee, you may just see me in aaaaaction! LOL.

Don't forget to say "Hi" okay~

On Monday, I went out exploring Resort World at Sentosa with Gerry. Both of use just spent our day walking around and I seriously did not felt like I was a Singaporean myself the very second I stepped out of the train at that new station of Sentosa which is... *ahem* I forgot what station is it already alright. Man~ My short term memory~


Gerry and I took many many photos are all of them are in Gerry's camera. So I can't share them with you right now. I shall upload them on my FB fanpage when I have them!

Man~ Seriously I fell in love with the Hersey's Chocolate Store! ARH~~!!! How I wish I can bring the whole store home!

Gerry and I even got ourselves some chocolate which both of us had never tasted before!

The chocolate store is just outside Universal Studio! Man~~~ I so so so wanna go there on my 21st birthday this August! Erm... *ahem* Any sponsors? I'll write a detail advertorial and review of the theme park I promise! Heehee...

We still couldn't manage to find the Hard Rock Cafe though. Shall hunt for it again the next time!

So after exploring Resort World Sentosa, Gerry and I went over to Siloso Beach just to relax ourselves, enjoy the simple joy of walking down the beach with our feet in the water.


Time for CHOCOLATE!!!

I just couldn't wait to eat them I couldn't be bothered how I hair looked like!


In the end we only manage to eat this as the white chocolate peanut butter bar had already melted due to the super warm weather!


After that relaxing day at Sentosa, we showered and headed down to the Cathay to catch Alice in Wonderland with Ardorythmatics!

Nice movie alright~ But wasn't that fantastic as expected.


Woke up early to meet the editor of MyFatPocket to discuss about the filming with them for their How-To videos for next month. Just a leak here, their theme next month is a Japanese theme! And I'll be filming 10 different tutorial videos with them from hairdo to makeup and also nail art!

Just received a sms from the editor and confirmed filming will be next week!

Oh man I just can't wait!

Today, headed out a few hours to get my new phone with my mom at Somerset.

Eye makeup for the day!

After much considerations and certain situations, I got my new LG Crystal!

Goodbye SE W980, Hello LG GD-900 Crystal!

Went for a little walk from Takashimaya to take a look at the so-called anime fair and go myself my very first Eva figuring!

It's the 2nd figuring I've gotten so far!
*Seriously have no idea where did that 1st one went to after shifting house*

I kept thinking and thinking if I should get the 零 or 明日香. I felt that 明日香 is cuter but yet I like Rei more as of the character its own. I'll never choose マリ even though it is pretty cute, too.

And my final decision is...



Super happy I got it! (゜▽゜)

Got this new ZA foundation as my foundation is gonna be used up soon.

I wonder what's the difference...

And yes~ アスカ with my Crystal!

Ok. Be prepared to be flooded with camwhore photos

One last photo...

My new LOVES gotten today!

Have a good night everyone!

Can't wait for the Shunji Matsuo Event tomorrow!



  1. Hello passed b y your blog!
    I find that you're very pretty! XD
    You oso love anime right link me up ty!

  2. Hi. Thank you! (^^)
    Sorry but I only link up people whom I know personally.



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