Friday, 29 January 2010

Tired Mentally

Hi everyone~

Just too lazy to type Jap now.

It's been a really busy and tiring week.

I've made many people around me mad and upset and disappointed at the same time.

I can't blog about it now but soon I will.
(Or at least I feel I can)

I'm like getting more into the whole Gyaru thingy BUT I'll not dress up like one any other day! So don't worry about going out with me please~ heehee...

Dressing gyaru is tiriing okay~ Especially for the eyes! Do you know how much effort needed to be put in to make my eyes super big sparkling with thick lashes and etc but yet I can't have tired/sleepy eyes?!

hahaha... So ya~ I'll not dress up gyaru unless it's some special occassion.

My chibi pink panther and Dann's baby.

This pink panther has been in my bag ever since last Saturday and accompanying me through all the stuff I have to go through and attend for this whole week.


My sister's getting married tomorrow and I just hope that with all the things I've screwed up, her wedding will still be a joyful, happy and warm one.

I'm sorry.

All I can say now is, I'm most likely staying put.

The chances of cosplayers seeing UtaName again is high.

God Bless everyone and Have a nice day!

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