Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Short post!

Hi everyone! Here's a short post while I wait for my work stuff to be uploaded.

Sorry I have not been blogging recently. Hasn't really been in the mood thanks to many many things happening which includes moving house. I totally hate moving house. I was used to moving house in the past when my parents were still together as we move house like every 2 or 3 years! But ever since they've been separated, I've been living in my current house for the past 12 years.

Ar~ Super poor now~~~ Cos my pay is not in yet! Just bank in my cheque last night. Hope it clears as soon as possible!

Then I can get my cher cher organiser!!!

I've also order 3 pairs of Japan Lens.

Summer Blue

King Brown


All 3 pairs that I ordered are from the Candy Magic series. I ordered them from http://fallineyes.blogspot.com . I got to know of this blogshop after reading Miyake's blog.

Just a few days after ordering, Jo told me that the supplier she gets her GEO Lens, http://big-dolly-eyes.blogspot.com/, is also bringing in Japan Lens or also known as EOS Lens now too. I checked that blogshop's page out and realised that fallineyes actually has a bad reputation. I was like super OMGoodness lah~ My $81~ Wonder if my money are in good hands and will the item actually be the actual thing that I ordered.

Hmm.. Not very sure. Now all I can do is wait. Hope that everything will be fine.

Will update again when I get my lens.

Ok. I had dinner with my dad, sis, stepmom and raymond on the 1st Jan. Will blog on dinner later but as for now, I'm gonna share a little with you my dad's cute doggy!

Yeah it's Shane! (pronounced as Shuan)

Her nickname is Soon Soon!

Isn't she just adorable!


Okay.. that's all for now.
Wishing everyone all the best!

Be happy!

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