Thursday, 21 January 2010

Visit to Singapore's 1st Fire Station!

Yippe! Finally blogging about the very fun trip I had with Kris, Charlene and 2 more fellow bloggers to Central Fire Station!

I never know that every Saturday is actually a "Open House" day for Central Fire Station where you can just go there and learn about not only the station building itself but also more about the men working in the Civil Defense Force as a fireman or even a paramedic.

Here's a quick lesson, in Singapore the fire engine is not called "Fire engine" but a "Pump ladder". (^^)

We started out tour in the "control room" where info goes through there and is then signal out to all during an emergency!

Us looking at the map of Singapore and understanding how the system actually works! Cool~

That's LTA Foo bringing us around on our tour.

He's like SUPER nice lor~! It's actually his off-day but he still came down just to give us that tour! \^o^/

So LTA Foo explained to us each and very gadget they have and use in rescue missions...

Special demo showcase just for us! So all the other people that went to take a look at the fire station that day were LUCKY LUCKY as if you were to go down any other day, you won't get to see this demo showcase.

Yippe! With the かっこい fireman!

Bear-hug style for sliding down the pole

And our very own Singapore style!!! *Proud* (´∀`)

Ok... The next photo is just for demo purposes only!

Cool right~!

And we got to play with our gadgets, too!

An equipment used to search for survivors~!

Water spraying equipment which I have no idea how to use~ HELP~~!!! ━━(゜Д゜;)━━

And LTA Foo helped me, and explained again. (゜▽゜)

Charlene tried and what happened?!

Opps! She sprayed on Kris!!!

Some really cute little boy having fun with the water hose. (ノ´▽`)

And my turn to try~ Super hard sia~

Come let's give our dear fighters for SCDF a big round of applause for their hard work!

We got to try on their uniform, too!

My turn...

Super hard to wear sia~ I need like all of them to help me lor~

I spent like 2mins wearing the uniform and our super firemen spent only 20 seconds!!!

We actually really went to time him okay~ Kris recorded a video of me trying to wear the uniform. Arh I hope no one sees it!!!

Don't think that just wearing it difficult...

Taking it off was also kinda of a torture~!

Next we had a little tour in a ambulance itself by one handsome paramedic.

Listening attentively...

We were each given this cute handphone cover~! 可愛いですよね(。・ω・)

We all had a very great time and yup, surprisingly it SUPER FUN!!!

Don't believe me? Go down to Central Fire Station yourself and experience it ba!
Don't forget to go to the museum, too, oh~! (〃∇〃)


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog!

    Looks really interesting! Will be aiming to bring my kids to the fire station soon!

  2. if do can, keep that site confidential as it is not very nice to post it out too. Its just for your own reference. Thanks!

  3. Anonymousへ
    Sorry, your point is?
    I don't see why is there a need to show me that.
    What has that got to do with the Fire Station?
    My trip there at the Fire Station is educational and fun.

  4. As to this, I apologize. I know there's no need to show u that. It's just what new fireman has to go through. There's no point or any meaning, but like i said, is just for ur own reference. This is what they do to new fireman inside la. However to not spoil your fun trip, i apologize again. Do ignore that, thanks.

  5. I hope i have made myself clear that I don't mean anything as I just happen to chance upon reading ur blog. I have to say sorry again, if I do spoil your educational and fun trip as that was never never my intention at all. To not mis-lead or make things even more complicated. I'm out. Thanks for your time and reply.


  6. Anonymousへ
    Erm.. It's fine I guess... I wont publish the very first comment you posted so no one else will see it.
    No worries~



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