Monday, 11 January 2010


Everyone understands that parts of your life, or should I say everyday you will have to make certain decisions. You will never know if it's the right decision to be made or what will it lead to.

To me, I just wanna sure that I am very sure of what decision I am to make, just like the decision of me wanting to study full time again.

It may not be the best thing I wanna study, but I am sure that I want to do this and I hope that this will help me get a job that I want in future.

I know and understand that it will be hard and difficult coping studies and having to work to feed my mom and myself and at the same time returning debts. I'll just have to pull through it and just wish and hope that people understands.

Not a lot of people know what I've decided to do. And I wanna keep it that way for now.

I know my decision made some people upset, and will be even more people upset when they know this, but this is my decision and I will give up all my unnecessary spendings unless I have extras from blogging.

Have a good day everyone.

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