Thursday, 23 August 2012

DIY Gel Workshop

Hi everyone!

Previously I shared with you the upcoming workshop for 3D nail art at JNail Studio, now here I'm gonna share with you how fun and cosy the learning environment at JNail Studio is!

That's Jess conducting lesson!

And here we have Yoko-san giving demostration!

Yoko-san is very careful of every detail

Yoko-san giving some theory

Time for hands-on!

And here we have Jess monitoring and correcting

Some end product of the participants of the workshop!

You can be part of the class, too!

Check out more workshops and classes' information at:


  1. ohh, this looks like a lot of FUN! Wanna attend this workshop too >o< I love nail art!!!
    Great Blog, btw.

  2. Very nice post and interesting to read .... I love visiting this blog.



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