Saturday, 10 March 2012

Shhh~ It's a secret.

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Hi everyone!
Today I'm gonna talk about something kinda private.
Well... Ok not exactly.

I remember when I was young and turned to be a woman, puberty started and of course us girls will get our red dot -- period.

I was always embarrassed of I shall call it "female-odour" and due to that, I did not dare to wear skirts.
I was afraid that my friends, especially my guy friends, would be able to smell my "female-odour".
It was only a few years back during my Poly days when I got to know of such a thing called feminine wash.

Yes, I didn't know of such a thing simply because no one in my family uses such a thing!
My mom always feel that normal body wash is good enough to cleanse even our intimate area down south.
So.. ya... (=-=)

I've tried many various brands of feminine wash before and I realised that not only does it have to cleanse, prevent odour and of course be of a certain defined pH value that best for our skin around that area,

(seriously if a cleanser do not cleanse then something is very wrong)

but also to be gentle on the skin and moisturise at the same time!

I was sponsored this awesome set from Lactacyd which includes:
  • Lactacyd Intimate Daily Wash 250ml x 3 bottles
  • Lactacyd Feminine Wipes 10s x 2 sets
  • A Gym Bag
  • A Dispenser
So awesome right?!

I'm not sure of anyone of you feels the same way as me of it being such a hassle having the need to open the cap of the bottle, pour the cleanse out and close it back on again and stuff like that.

Lactacyd is so thoughtful, they actually included a dispenser in this set of Lactacyd products set for your convenience!

Yeah! I'm super super happy with the dispenser!


Now you can use your Lactacyd Intimate Daily Wash happily, like ME!
Makes life much easier and saves time, too!

I really like this feminine wash of Lactacyd as it's feeling gentle on the skin and moisturise my skin, too!
Not only that, even though this cleanser does not have much of a scent, it actually prevents odour really well!

Trust me, I've used some feminine wash before that STATES odour-preventing but seriously makes no effect after about an hour you leave the shower.

Next item in the set is the Lactacyd Feminine Wipes!

When you're out and take a pee/poo, cleaning after with just toilet paper seriously just isn't enough.
Especially when it's during the period of the month, it really is just UNCOMFORTABLE, right?

And the worst thing is you can't actually bring along with you a bottle of feminine wash to cleanse it every time after you're done with your business, right?
You have to agree with me, girls!

With this feminie wipes from Lactacyd, you do have to worry anymore!

Personally, I use the feminine wipes after I cleaned the area with toilet paper.

It really helps not only to cleanse but also freshen up especially if you're changing your pad.
But remember eveyone, please avoid throwing the feminine wipes into the toilet bowl.
As much as possible please throw it into the bin beside.

Now do you wanna give Lactacyd products a try?

Play the Color Code App @
and redeem your FREE Lactacyd Trial Kit

Stay clean, stay fresh!

(*^^*) Oh my was I blushing the entire time I wrote this post! Aha!


  1. Interesting, would you blog more on the difference of feminine wash and normal body wash? Everyone says there is, but I haven't come across a comparison yet x). Anyways, you look pretty :)

  2. very interesting. haven't spotted it before.

    btw you like like Nishino Kana now :)



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