Friday, 3 August 2012

Hong Kong 2012 - Day 1



So last month I finally took some time off and went for a holiday trip to Hong Kong!

Yes~ Me talking about Hong Kong, AGAIN. (笑)

I left to the airport early cos my mom was too worried of me leaving the house in the middle of the night all alone to caught a cab. So~ I left home at about 2.30am after watching 娱乐百分百 on Channel U.

So I found a 24-Hour Cafe at the airport because that dumb lift didn't work when I wanted to go to one level down for Starbucks. So.. ya...

My Shiseido luggage with me for our second trip ever since I bought it last year.

Minimum makeup on my super sleepy face.

Only eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and coloured lenses.
Lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey from

I did not sleep at all because my flight was 6.30am and I have to reached the airport at supposingly 4.30am.

But guess what time was I having my tea at the cafe?


And soon, I was on the plane to Hong Kong!

This photo was taken after I woke up on the plane, about half an hour before landing in Hong Kong Airport.

Stayed at Metropark Kowloon Hotel and yea it's a nice place!

Not a very big hotel but great just for 2.
And the location is awesome!

It's only 10 mins walk away from Kowloon 九龙 and 油麻地.

And! There's a really cosy Starbucks and McDonalds just about 3 minutes walk away!

And after settling down in the hotel and resting for a short while, yes, headed out shopping!

Went to practically every single shoe shops in Kowloon area.
No joke! We spent 4 hours straight going into every single shoe shop and next!

And what's for lunch?

Yummy crepe!!!

Fillings: Mushroom, Bacon and Cheese!

And one of their local brand Chocoolate had crossover with Hello Kitty!
Super cute! But sadly the items that I'm interested in getting were all sold out already.

And after about 7-8 hours of shopping, we finally sat down and have a proper meal, dinner with my bf's friend, Johnny.

My simplest soup based noodles.

Yes, it's 米线. Not 米粉, not 面线 but 米线!

My bf's spicy soup based 米线.

Seriously, their spicy is a total different kind of spicy from ours.

With just 1-2 sips of his spicy soup, my WHOLE MOUTH was just NUMB.
I really couldn't feel a thing!

It's like going to the dentist and having your gum numbed to get your tooth extracted or something!

So that's why Johnny feels that our spicy here in Singapore is not spicy.

After dinner, bf and I went hunting for 豆腐花.

Bf ordered the wrong thing so he's dessert it Steamed Egg.

I also ordered the wrong thing so my dessert it Mango Pudding with Sago and Mango.

My CosMagic blusher from SASA.
It's only 75HKD! Which is around $13SGD only!

My bf's One Piece iphone case from the local convenience store.

Ya, I decided to post what my bf bought cos I thought guy readers may be interested?

Bf also bought a pair of boots but I'll blog about it in the next post.

I bought some clothes, too, but they shall be mentioned in future posts, including upcoming posts on Hong Kong trip.

Ok! So that wraps up my first day in Hong Kong.



  1. I haven't tried any crepes yet o: I'll be sure to try some in the two weeks I have left in HK XD

  2. I love the minimal makeup! I think it looks really nice and clean :) love your lens on you too! I hope you have fun in Hk!

  3. Lucky you! I like your simple make up in the photos :).

  4. The food looks so good! The crepe, noodles, soup, dessert... everything~ *w*
    How I'd love to visit Hong Kong someday... I'm sure it would be an awesome experience.



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