Friday, 24 August 2012

New hair colour for the Autumn!

Hi everyone!

Once again here is a short post from me as I'm getting my new hair colour done at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio!

Getting a little change with the season even though, yes I know, it's Summer all year round here in Singapore.

There's new feather extensions that just came in to Shunji Matsuo Hai Studio and Shunji-san is gonna let me have some later on!

Mad pretty~!

Will blog proper soon!

Tomorrow's Singapore's 夏祭り(Japanese Summer Festival) and I just can't wait! Unfortunately I won't be performing this year but still I am gonna be there!
So if you're going and do see me there, please don't feel shy! Come say hi to me! Heehee~

Have a great weekend!



  1. Cool! I was thinking about coloring my hair dark for autumn but not sure yet ^^;;

  2. I am a frequent visitor in your blogs, this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again

  3. I love your blog, I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you run any other sites? thanks



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