Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hong Kong 2012 - Day 2


Hi everyone!

Now for my second day in my recent Hong Kong trip!

Outfit of the day

Top & Skirt - Bought from some random shop in Mongkok area.
*If I didn't remember wrongly the building is call New World?*

Cardigan - Uniqlo

Shoes - Native Red Boots

Bag - Tocco Tenero

And yea! It was SHOPPING DAY!!!

*Ahem* Ok~ I know in Hong Kong, everyday can be shopping day. But oh well..

Bf brought me to a shopping centre in Tung Chung area and in one of the shops, I took the following photo to send to my dear Himeko.

Women's heaven! SHOES!!!

Spent quite a long time shopping in just that very shop cos they have both female and male wear and shoes and etc etc.

And for late lunch, we had McNuggets!

When my bf came back the food, I was like "Why so cute one?!"

4 pieces nuggets - Red Hiding Hood Hello Kitty!

I agree with Himeko, it looks like strawberry! Lol~

6 piece nuggets - Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty!

Tell me! Where ugly?!

And special sauces!

I miss the wasabi mayo we used to have in our local McDonalds...

But now for local Macs, I just wish that they will still give ONE curry sauce to people to order Happy Meal! What's the point of eating nuggets without curry sauce?!

And seriously~ What other sauces do you want kids to eat then?!


Frankly speaking, nothing makes me wanna go back and have Mac anymore...

First they took away our mayonise.
Without mayo, I don't eat Fillet-O-Fish.

Now our curry sauce.
Without curry sauce, I don't eat nuggets.
And I ONLY order happy meal for goodness sake~

What else is left for me to eat?!
Only McSpicy~ (T^T)

Ok. Back to Hong Kong.

Tada! The Hello Kitties!

I got managed to get myself a duckling and froggy.

And guess what?! I got one Frog Prince Hello Kitty to giveaway, too!
You will have to read all of my travelogues before I give it out as I will only post on how can you get it on the post for the last (or second last) day's post!

So keep reading!

Ok. After hours of shopping in just that ONE shopping centre which is HUGE, we headed back to the hotel to put down our stuff and get some rest before heading out for dinner!

My buys!

MURUA overall

Super happy cos I have been eyeing this overall ever since I saw it on some magazine!

Nudy Micro Fibre from SASA

Seriously this fibre is SUPER AWESOME!
It's like the normal mezaik fibre but damn easy to use!
Just like eyelid tape!
And plus, I bought the nudy coloured one so you practically can't see the fibre one sticked on!

But sadly, I could only find this at the SASA in that shopping centre.
Not in any other SASAs...

Titus watch

Jeffrey Campbell heels!

Mad love this pair of heels!!!
Makes my legs looks so pretty!
*cough cough*

And see! The shoe box so cute one! Still have crossword puzzle!

But of course, I threw the box away~ *sobz*

Native red boots!
*Yes, I only bought it that day*

Super comfy lah! And guess what?!
It's even lighter than crocs!

Remember I said that my bf bought a pair of boots the previous day?

TADA! See the size difference yo~ LOL

Always find it so funny to compare the shoe sizes of our shoes.

If you think I bought alot of things, wait till you see the photo below:


Although it's supposingly 2 days worth of shopping of my bf..

PLEASE! Only the native boots and one piece iphone case were bought on the previous day!

And camera of course...

But YA! Guys can shop more than girls, too!!!

After packing our stuff a little, we headed out for late dinner at some random piece in Mongkok.

And dinner is served!




For us to share!

And yes, my usual thing to order in Hong Kong, HK style milk tea!

Nom nom nom~!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel cos we were both super tired from all the shopping earlier that day.

On our way back, we got ourselves a little "dessert".

Bf's Birdnest Watermelon Drink

My Aloe Vera Honeydew Drink

Super nice!

And so so much better than bubble tea!

OKi! That's all for my second day in Hong Kong!

See you again soon!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. You make HK made fun to go to. I want to get my hands on those Hello Kitty x McDonald toys! Ah, love that watch<3

  2. Omg u are so cute! And i love those Jeffrey Campbell heels, looks amazing!

  3. I think the building you're talking about is New Town Mall, which is right in front of one of the mtr exit :D

  4. Can you do a review on the nudy fiber? If it's really good i will definitely preorder from SASA HK!!



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