Monday, 3 January 2011


Hi everyone!

Ok.. Here's a short message just incase your still have absolutely no idea...
Hamasaki Ayumi is getting married!!!

I first saw the news on Twitter yesterday and i was like shocked! I thought my
eyes were playing tricks on me but no they weren't!

She's soon gonna get married to an Austrian actor, Manuel Schwarz, who actually
co-starred in Ayu's PV "Virgin Road", "Last angel", and "Love song".

Gosh! How many guys out there are heart-broken now?!
Like... my xiao di Lue Song? lol~

Ok. That's all for now. If you wanna know more, you can google or check out this
one of the many articles online:


  1. hey may I know what camera u're using and how much you bought? Apprec ;)

  2. Anonymousへ
    I'm using Olympus PEN Lite. Got the basic 1 lens kit for $998.



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