Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I know this post is supposed to be a happy post of my trip to Japan but argh I just cant take it anymore!

Everyday, every second, from the second I stepped into the house back home I'm being at nag at my mom, nagging at me to get a job, get a OFFICE DESK JOB, nagging that I wasted my time studying, getting a diploma, wasting my dad's money to study, wasting my time to take up Japanese, wasting the money of my dad to study Japanese, getting her being scolded by my sis and her bf for me staying over at Dann's place, putting her great wonderful thinking thinking that I think that it's the end of the world as WAO I have a boyfriend! Therefore it's the end of the world! WAO! Amazing~ Tehn she goes on nagging that I always stay over Dann's place, come home shower then go out again, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BLAH!!!!!

First thing, I HATE OFFICE JOB!!!! C'mon~ 3 months in attachment IS ALREADY KILLING ME!!! And I seriously DO NOT understand WHY ON EARTH is it a MUST for a Diploma Gradate to get a desk job???!!!

Secondly, I got into NYP, studying stupid MIT to save money! I WANTED TO STUDY AN ART COURSE!!! Freaking regret I chose NYP and gave NAFA up! Stop putting the blame on me to choose NYP! If money wasn't an issue at all, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN NAFA!

Third, WHO on earth is one always nagging and say I should stop Japanese as it's super stupid and a waste of money and time and effort to even want to learn it?! And now she's saying until as if she was super supportive of me studying Japanese!!!

Fourth, I always stay over Dann's place as one important thing, I GET TO SLEEP ON A COMFY BED!!! My stupid mattress I have back home cost $20 and sink it just went I step on it! It's those super lousy mattress I slept on when I was 4!!! I told her long long long time ago that this mattress sucks and my stupid back problem is back and getting worst and worst but she kept saying that cos we're gonna be shifting house soon thus she dont wanna buy a new one! RUBBISH LAH! HDB said that we have to move around May and now it's already September! WAO~!

Fifth, I keep shower then go out, shower then go out, cos why? I just cant stand every one in the house, asking me, nagging at me every second they see me at home! You all always complain to me that how much you are frustrated about other people telling you all these, but have you ever thought of me! I have to get all the nagging from everyone else, too! You may get like 1 person nagging at you but I get like 5 people nagging at me on the same thing again and again and again!!!

Shut up lah~ I am a human. I need space. I need some peace and quiet.
All of these I just cant get them at home. I only get them outside.


Not that I cannot think. I dont want to.

Let me breathe. Or I'll suffocate and die~

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