Thursday, 3 September 2009

Random Updates!

OK. Photos of my Japan birthday trip is still currenly under editing process. Will update on that as soon as possible. For now, here's some random updates on stuff after I came back. This is only part of it. There's still more to come! Wahahaha!!!

夏祭り Summer Festival 2009

Natsu was just the following day after I stepped onto the ground of Singapore. Super tired but the show must go on.

I didn't take a lot of photos that day as almost everyone else were snapping photos non-stop! I wasn't even able to reach for my bag for tissue paper for quite some time as every like 10seconds someone else will say "come let's take photo!" or "I wanna take with you!" So sentences of meaning of that 2 quoted phrase kept circling around. So for you take photo with someone OR you help someone to take photo.

You can find videos of Ardorythmatics's performances on YouTube. See if you can spot me! hahaha~

So after performance, I changed into the yukata I bought from Tokyo, a shop near Namja Town (will blog in details in my Japan trip Day 2 post) for Bon Odori!

Dann and I after my subway dinner after Bon Odori.

Hui Ting (Lue's sis), Eileen and Eileen & Dann

Dann, Uncle Simon and Yvonne

Uncle Simon and Yvonne. *yuhu~*

Don't blame me for putting that thingy on Yvonne's head. Don't you just agree with me that she had the WTH face?!

Scandal! Ah~~~ Dann loves Sherwin!!! Ah~~~!!!

ADRM resting before going home

Dann and I at the MRT station

Happy family. *Where's Zat and Gerry???!!!*

On Tuesday, 1 Sep, I was so happy! And of course, so was Dann. Why?

Cos I finished my food!!!

Dann also helped me to cut my fringe (finally).

Bengs!!!! Wahahahah!!!

OK. Last photo before I went to bed that night. Wahaha~~~

Yesterday, 3 Sep -- Happy Trix Day!

And why was I so happy?

Firstly, I went down to Cozycot's office to collect my free samples. wahahaha!!!

Yippe!!! Gonna try them then post review.
*This reminds me to post review of the Clarins sample I got MONTHS ago!*

So after collecting my samples, I went to Marina Square to walk walk.

Cool~ The race tracks and stuff for the F1 race is racing in the end of this month are all up and prepared already lah!

Speaking of F1, do you know that PUMA carries the official Ferrari stuff? Super cool lor~

I went in to take a look and I really like some of the items. Well, no matter what, PUMA is one sports brand that has really stylist lifestyle appearals. No kidding! Go see for yourself! The outlet at Marina Square is actually their flagship store. Go check it out peeps!

One more thing, PUMA Motorsports's website has official launched! So do check out and get a chance to win PUMA circuit party VIP passes, and more!

There's a Blogskin Contest where the Top 3 winners get to win PUMA product vouchers and VIP passes to PUMA Circuit Parties.

Online Charity Auction of Autographed PUMA merchandise where proceeds from the Ferrari auction items will be respectively donated to Food from the Heart charity and also proceeds from Red Bull Racing (RBR) and Toro Rosso will go to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

There's also games where the Top 3 winners get to win PUMA product vouchers and VIP passes to PUMA Circuit Parties, too!

And also Email in to win tickets to 1st of PUMA circuit parties happening on 12th Sept Sat at Overeasy!!!

So cool right?! Email also can win tickets to cool PUMA circuit parties~!

Of course there are much much more stuff like free downloads and gallery and stuff. And always check for latest news updates! All parties are like stated there lah!

OK. ok. I'll stop the whole PUMA thing here. But do remember to check out C'mon! The F1 season is here man!

So after walking around Marina Square, I met Dann at Suntec where some a pair of really cool kicks! Super cool one lor~

Then we went down to Lido where Nuffnang was screening the preview of G-Force.

We both had happy meals as we both were not very hungry and WE WANT THE DORAEMON TOYS!!!

Dann took the time traveling Doraemon which I got like 2 days back when we went to watch The Final Destination in 3D at Lido.

The toy just didn't seem to wanna move so Dann ended up just pushing the toy to make it move across the table! LOL

And here's my toy! Well, I like to keep my McDonald's toys in the packaging itself even though they may be stationery.

Happy Trix with my Happy Meal!

Here's a new way of eating fries...


And camwhore time!

By the way, if you realised, I actually did my eye makeup a little differently yesterday. I actually tried following the videos on YouTube for Gyaru eye makeup. You can just search Gyaru eye makeup. There's like tons of results lor~

Anway... movie time!!!

G-Force is like super cute and funny lah!

I was so sad that I actually had to go to the toilet like just after the 1st scene!!!??? hai... But oh well, it's ok cos I'm sooooo gonna watch again in 3D!!! wahahaha!!!

After the movie, Dann and I went back to his house as his mom had prepare dinner -- BBQ.

Dann with cutie adorijible.

Prepare to eat! hahaha...

Ok. That's gonna be all for now.

More to come up soon.

Good night everyone!

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