Friday, 25 September 2009

Trying to make you feel hungry!

Recently I've been feeling that blogs in general are getting boring. Unlike the past where bloggers update regularly on like anything under the sun that happens to them, many have became more commercialised or just blog still regularly but like once a month or so. Even I myself, find my own blog boring to a certain extend.

Argh~~~ Nononononononononon~~~~~!!!!!!!! I must not be like that!!!! I really wanna share good stuff with my readers even if no one else is reading! =P Just joking. I would LOVE to have people to read. So.. please do still read me blog. hahaha...

Anyway... this post is an attempt of making you feel hungry while reading it. Hope I am able to achieve that goal. LOL

On the 24th last month, I had family dinner with my daddy, stepmom, sister and raymond at Chinatown. Above is a photo of the supposingly solar-powered flower my dad bought from Shen Zhen but due to reason, the flower was replaced with that "flag". Any idea what does that SSF means? heehee...

We had our food ordered from this stall!

And here's my dad, giving me weird expressions as usual whenever I take photos of food or camwhore.

My huge cup of watermelon juice~

And here's my stepmom with her giant cup of soursop juice, FOR $2 ONLY!!!

After dinner, we went over to the famous dessert shop nearby for dessert!

TADA!!! This is where I'm talking about!!!

My sister and I ordered the Mango thingy and Green tea snow ice! Yummy~ I prefer the mango thingy alright. Now I know why is it SO famous for it. Super YUMMY!!!

And here's my dad enjoying his sesame paste

Ok... maybe we shouldn't disturb him while he's eating

This marks the end of this post!

Have a great evening everyone!
Gonna BOOOOM off to watch F1!
See you!

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