Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi everyone!!

Here's another short post from my mobile.

Well, I have been feeling kinda weird recently emotion wise. It's complicated.

But I must say that I really love my new colleagues now with my new job and I am very excited towards our next few months together!


I have been forking out time and organizing meetups with my friends which is actually kinda rare cos I'm usually not the one initiating to meetup and stuff.

But cos everyone is important to me, I just wanna be able to meet everyone even if it's just a simple dinner or movie together! 

Ok. Gonna head back to Japanese lessons! 

Oh ya! Although it've only been like 1 weeks plus from me starting my lessons again at Ikoma, I am gonna miss my new sensei(s)! All my teachers be it from 2 years back or not are just so so friendly! 

And yup! I am currently taking my Japanese lessons at Ikoma! 

The teachers are very nice and i love the studying environment here lots! 

So if you are thinking of taking up Japanese lessons, why not consider Ikoma?

And also, I finally know how to rip my DVD from NHK Tokyo Kawaii so I'm gonna upload the video onto my YouTube channel soon!

*watch the clip of my class*

Oh man~ I miss all my classmates from Koma class, especially Shirley! 

Ok! That's all for now!

See you again soon! 

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