Sunday, 21 July 2013

[日記] よろしくお願います。

Living in Japan

Hi everyone!

So like mentioned in my previous post, I am now in Japan and here is where I'm gonna be in the next 2months plus alright.

I must say that I am happy to be able to like live here not as a normal tourist as it has always been a wish of mine to stay in Japan for a period of time, best if I get to experience the whole 4 seasons.

But this feeling I have been having is just very complicated.

I don't know how to describe it as I am here all alone and I only have my batch mates with me!

Everyone's awesome but the feeling of you being unable to see your family and friends and loved ones every other day is just so so different.

But no matter what, I will do my best here and complete what I need to do, what is most important right now!

In this process, I really hope to have support from everyone to help me carry on.

Ok! Emotional stuff aside!

Now to share with you a little of the awesomeness of the whole staying in Japan thing I am in now~!

Starting off with my flight to Japan on Tuesday.

It was my very first time flying on a Japanese airline and I must say that I was really looking forward to it!

Unlike the normal peanuts, we got Japanese rice crackers as our little snack!

And SEE!!! NINO!!!

I was super happy when I was flipping through the in-flight magazine to see what movies and stuff they were offering for my 7 hours flight to Japan and I saw Nino's Platinum Data!!!

I was supposed to watch it in the cinemas with Himeko but she heard from her friend that it isn't very nice and Nino only appeared 1/4 of the movie?

Well, I must say, Himeko. YOU MISSED IT!!!

It's a super awesome movie (but not one you should watch when you're sleepy)!
And please~ Not only did Nino appear throughout the movie, there is like "two" of him!

Ok.. It took me about 6 hours to finish the 2 hour plus movie as I was really sleepy on my morning flight so I watched a little, slept a little and woke up to watch a little then go back to sleep so on so forth till I finished the movie.

But still... AWESOME!

I think more of guys will like this movie then girls.. but still nice!
Go watch!!!

For the first time in my life I was actually full from the meal served on a flight.

Hmm.. or did my appetite just got smaller? Hmm...

Both Vicky and I got special Asahi mineral water instead of the usual normal one.

Little bits that made me happy during my boring flight. LOL

You can also check out my short video for day 1!

My hotel room isn't very big but I really like it!

It's all cosy and just enough for one person!

That evening, we just went out to somewhere nearby for dinner and we decided to get 牛丼 (beef bowl).

My spring onion filled beef bowl with raw egg and cold tofu set!

Well, I guess many people will go like "eeeee" when they see spring onions but well, I like it!


Ok. That's all for this post.

Gonna go change and am gonna head out soon to get some food then study study study!


XOXO, Tsuriki

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