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先週の土曜日に 同僚と一緒に原宿へ行った!

Hi everyone!

It's been already a week since I've arrived in Tokyo.

Well, work has been busy and tiring but I am very happy to be able to have really awesome batch-mates to go through all these together.

So last Saturday, I went to Harajuku with my batch-mates!

はじめた スカイライナーに 乗った!

My very first ride on the Skyliner!

We got the promo priced ticket that comes with a one day Metro pass!
Shall use it another day when I'm really just gonna travel from place to place to sightsee.

Aiza and Cherie in the back and Jasmine and I in the front on our Skyliner ride!

Seriously can't believe it that after so many years, I am now working with my Secondary School senior! LOL

Changed to JR line to Harajuku!

We headed to Meiji Shrine first and here we are with our wish board!

Cherie and Aiza!

As usual, must camwhore a bit LOL!!!


Aiza putting our wish board up!

May our wishes come true!


And it's such a coincident there was actually a wedding going on!

So pretty, so elegant!!

Headed to the very same shop I had my awesome ramen back in 2009 in Harajuku and the shop is still there!

Cherie wanted to go back to the exact shop, too, as she has really awesome ramen, too, during her Japan trip a few year back!

After lunch, we just kept shopping and shopping from clothes to shoes to cosmetics to daily necessities!

And later, we decided to WALK to Shibuya.

It's walk-able alright...

And the weather was awesome so, yea, we had fun along the way.

We passed by KFC and decided to stop by and get some Krushers!

See!!! KPP is there to welcome us! LOL

One Piece items coming soon!!!

Guess I'll be going back to KFC this weekend... Heehee~

I tried the latest flavour of the Krushers -- Hawaii Jelly.

It actually taste like our normal Blue Coral at bubble tea shops in Singapore which I like so yes! I enjoyed my Krusher!

Cherie and Jasmine had Peach and Cookies & Cream Krushers.
They all taste really nice, too!

How I wish Himeko is here with me. I think she will like the Cookies & Cream one!

And soon, we arrived at Shibuya!!!

Ok. We didn't do much things there as we wanted to meet the rest for dinner so we headed back to our hotel soon after reaching Shibuya.

My milk coffee at Ueno station before changing to Keisei line back to our hotel.

I don't usually drink coffee but coffee in Japan just taste awesome (to me)!!!

Ok. By the time we got back, it was quite late already as we took the wrong train, so the four of us decided to just have dinner on our own.

More Iced Coffee for me! Heehee~

Jasmine's Mushroom and Cream Pasta

Aiza and I both ordered sandwiches!

Cherie's Strawberry Pancake


And so, here's my shopping for the day at Harajuku!!!


I didn't wanna spend money cos I know I will spend when I go to WC in Shibuya when I meet my friend this weekend.

BUT! They are just so reasonable!!!

Cap - ¥1995 from PinkLatte

Geita - ¥995

Sandals - ¥1565
(If I didn't remember wrongly cos I shared discount with Aiza)

Fake Lashes - ¥1260 each from SugarVeil

Makeup Base - ¥500+ from Kanebo

Eyebrow Pencils - ¥300+ each from Bibo

Some stuff - ¥105 each from Daiso

And some stuff from Meiji Shrine that my friends ask me to help to buy.

And yea!!! Dango for only ¥105 from Daiso

Yea! Finally bought these lashes produced by 鈴木奈々!

Love these sandals!!!

They look 100% like my previous sandals I bought in Harajuku back in 2009 except that the heels is a little higher.

AND! It's even cheaper! LOL

Yeah I love my new cap!!!

Fell in love with it the second I saw it!!!

Oki that's all for this post!


XOXO Tsuriki

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