Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Love for Caps!!!
キャップを愛してる ♥

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I shall stop as much as I can to not only flood all of you with reviews and random rants.

So I'm thinking what should I blog on and since I just reached a few parcels of items that I bought online, I shall blog on the topic -- caps.

A little background here...

I LOVE CAPS ♥♥♥ !!!

Or rather, I love both caps and hats alright.

However, I feel that caps are a lot easier to match and wear for day to day with my casual outfits, I personally own quite a number of caps (alone).

Plus! Now it's also very in trend, ya?! LOL

In the past during my Secondary School days, my mom actually kinda dislike me going out with my friends.
Reason being every time I go out shopping or catching a movie with my friends, I will return home with a new cap/hat.

And of course, being stuck in school 6 days per week didn't allow me much chance to wear them.

Plus! The fact that every time I'm out with my dad with a cap/hat on, he will make jokes out of me wearing it.

Example 1:

"Wah~ Today weather very cold right? You must have your beanie on so that your head does not catch a cold"

Example 2:

"Oei! We're in the car. The sun is out there. Not UV rays for you to block here"

Example 3:

*Points at random girl along the street*

"You see! That siao char bor (crazy woman) wearing a hat in Singapore. I think it's going to snow soon"

*Looks back at me wearing a hat on my head besides him and smile*

"Am I right?"

So it ends up that I have quite a number of hats/caps at home just lying there till my Polytechnic days alright.

Plus, some times my mom and friends would buy me caps, too!

Anyways... Just wanna tell you I just have a love of hats, especially caps ever since I was like 13.

Oh ya! Ok. Just let me say this.

When I was 13, I bought my very first cap and I love wearing it so much, my female friends just hate going out with me.

Why? Cos I had super short hair then and I look just like a boy that they hate going out with me.


LOL. Just kidding.
But no. The story is true.

I have to admit that I was like sad, then, when they refuse to ask me out because I look like a boy...
( T ^ T )

Ok! Now I'm gonna show you MOST of the caps I own.

I've lent some to my friends for performance use and some I left them at my bf's place so yup.
They are not in the listing below alright. LOL

Disclaimer: This post is done quite impromptu so I did not spend a lot of time on taking the photos.
Neither did I spend a lot of time editing them.

My very first cap that was given by my dad when I was... I-can't-even-remember.
Well of course it can no longer fit my head alright but I still keep it.

And yes, if you still do not know, my real name is Trixy. ^^

My very first New Era cap and probably the most expensive out of ALL my caps so far.

Super cute, right?!

Oh ya! The bottom of the tongue is actually full leopard fur.
*Sorry forgot to take photo of it*

First cap from NIKE (if I didn't remember wrongly)

Second cap from NIKE.

It's actually a Teens cap so the tongue is kinda shorter.

One of the first few caps that I was sponsored by PUMA when I was blogging for them.

*Which reminds me how old I am already...* LOL

I have another 2 Ferarri caps that are at my bf's place. Heehee~

Super bargain cap from a random shop in Cineleisure. Only $8!!!

Was just shopping with my friends and when we went to pay for our stuff, we were expecting to pay like $19 for each of our caps?
But nooo~ We paid like only $20+ for 2 caps and a hell lot of accessories! SUPER CHEAP!!!

*Yes, we just grab and pay. Didn't bother checking price*

Shark cap from Hong Kong Ocean Park last July.

Nom nom nom~

WC Cap that I asked Himeko to help me buy from Tokyo early this year.

And sadly, it's so big and not adjustable, I had to sew an elastic band in it.

Finally gotten this cap this year after first seeing it last July in HK.

Yea Haters, I LOVE YOU!!! *Kiss kiss*

Don't worry, my lovely readers, I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE MORE MORE!!!
*Hugs hugs kiss kiss*

First Trunkfit cap. Just love the drawing og the girl on the cap. LOL

My first camo cap from New Era.

Although I have to admit it is really quite expensive and it was an implusive buy, I'm still glad I managed to grab the very last piece of this.

And the last 2 are my new caps joining my collection today!

First NBA team cap!

Have been wanting to get a Lakers cap for a long time but I really couldn't find a nice one till I saw this online.

Woohoo!!! Love the Los Angeles at the bottom of the tongue!

Now I have a matching cap whenever I wear my Lakers Tank Top!!!

Chicago Bulls cap!

I just love the bold colour and design of it so I decided to get this.

Still thinking if I should get it in another team's colour...

Well, I am short of the Celtics cap to match with my Celtics Tee! LOL

Ok! That's all for this impromptu post.

Hope you enjoyed it!

You can read about my shoe collection here.


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