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Your customised slimming treatment
@ Marie France Bodyline

Sponsored Review

Hello everyone!!!

Ok. Before I blog on random daily stuff, please allow me to post another review.


I just realised that for the past a month or 2, I have been posting nothing but reviews!


Perhaps it's because my life has become kinda boring and I have nothing much to share about with you...

Anyways! I believe everyone would love to have an awesome body figure, right?

I was one of the lucky bloggers who were picked by for this treatment review for Marie France Bodyline!

*Happy me!!!*

I picked a date and chose an outlet in a neighbourhood area in Bishan as it was easier for me to go to my sister's place after my treatment that very day.

The outlet is really easy to find so not to worry even if you're not familar with Bishan.

From Bishan interchange's bus alighting point, you will see a zebra-crossing nearby.

Just cross that road.

And before you know it, TADA!!!

You've reached Marie France Bodyline!

If really have to ask for directions and am shy to let people know that you're going for slimming treatment, you can just ask people for directions to KOI as the outlet is just right beside KOI!

I'm sure most people would be able to give you brillant directions!
Even students will know!

But then again, I am NOT encouraging you to buy KOI after your treatment, okay?
That would be a total waste!

*hahaha~* (can't help but laugh)

Upon entering, the consultant served me and brought me to get my weight taken, followed by consultation.

After consultation, I was showed to the waiting area where there's magazines for you to read for you wait for your therapist to get ready.

Frankly speaking I did not expect a neighbourhood outlet to look so high-class!

*Old-fashion thinking of mine*

And if you like, they have candies for you, too!

Soon my therapist for the day came and showed to the lockers where I can keep my belongings before getting changed.

Really well organised, huh?

Next, get changed!

I reaally love that they provide such disposable slippers instead of the usual normal slippers that I know many places provide as I feel that it's way more hygienic.

Who knows who last wore the slippers before you and what they did or what so-ever, right?

OK. Sorry. Over-reacting a bit.

Wrapped inside the robe is actually disposable undies for you to change into before your treatment.

And after you've changed, just lock your clothes and shoes back into you locker and you're done!

All ready for my treatment!

Sorry, allow me to camho a bit while waiting for the therapist. LOL

BTW, I'm wearing GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses from

*Sorry sidetrack*

Now off to my treatment!

Super nice place! OMG yo~

Super cosy room for you while you get your treatment done!

Treatment in process...

Sorry as the light was dimmed during treatment which will help you to relax, I was not able to take much photos...

( T ^ T )

So I had 2 different treatments done that day!

First! Intelect Spot Shaping, also known as ISS.

Step 1: Ultrasound Fat Breaking

The therapist wil first apply Ultrasound Gel and Anti cellulite serum mixture before using their special machine for the ultrasound.

*Fats! You're going down!!!*

Step 2: Deep Tissue Detoxification Massage

After ultrasound, the therapist will then apply on Anti-Cellulite serum in which will follow by massage for about 20 mins.

Step 3: Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) Body Wrap

Lastly, wrap the treated area, which for me are my thighs, for 20mins!

The FMS encourages the depletion of heat energy from within the body.
It forcies the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulated storage of fats to burn-off as energy.

Together with their anti-cellulite serum applied, just awesome yo!

I was then shifted to another room wih comfy sofa for me to relax while the FMS body is on!

Next! Contour Sculpt Body System, also known as CSBS.

As we know, Marie France is actually very known for their Body Wraps!
So yes! I got to try it out, too!

Some benefits from CSBS:

• Visible reduction and improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
• Detoxification that is designed to help cleanse the body of toxins and interstitial fluids trapped between small spaces of fat tissues.
• Hydrate and improve texture and appearance of skin.
• Helps activate the lymphatic system thereby promoting detoxification and a boost to the metabolism.
• Promotes synthesis of collagen resulting in firmer and tightened skin tone.
• Brightens skin and protects against discoloration and uneven skin tone.

Relax till I wanna sleep. ZZZzzzz....

So comfy~

Water intake is very important so the therapist made sure that I always have a cup of water beside me!

So nice right?!

Drinking up!

And here's a photo taken in their washroom before leaving

I wouldn't say there is a drastic change but I could feel my thighs firmer a bit when I left?

So now here's 2 really awesome deals for you!

Please note that both e-vouchers hasd to be printed and presented before your treatment to enjoy the deals!
And also, these treats are only valid till 27 April!

So quick quick! Go NOW!!!

*Ok. No need now... go TOMORROW!!!*


For more information, you may check out the following links:

Marie France Bodyline's Website -
Marie France Bodyline's Facebook -


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