Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jewel Pink with Liese Bubble Hair Colour

Sponsored Review

Photography: Tsuriki & Sis | Model: Tsuriki's Sis

Hi everyone!!!

Here's another product review!

*Boy am I guilty for posting only reviews for the past I-don't-know-how-long*

This time, I was sponsored 2 boxes of the new Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Jewel Pink!

Jewel Pink - a shiny brown with a touch of pink

And here's the items for your hair transformation in each box!

And now to get ready for operation!

Suit up with gloves provided in the hair colour kit!


Pour in bottle 1 colour into bottle 2 activator!

Tighten the cap back and gently tilt the mixture 180 degrees and back for around 5-10 times

Soon, you will see the mixture's colour changes after mixing well!

Hold the bottle straight up and squeeze the centre of the bottle!
You should be able to see bubbles starting to form like this!

And if you get this, you are now ready to get your hair dyed!

It is really THAT simple!

For a rough estimation for you, my sister has medium short length hair and here's the amount left after application.

If you have long hair, I would strongly recommend that you get 2 bottles!

And after 30 mins...

TADA!!! Nice shiny brown and a little touch of pink!

Because of it's foam fomula, you can get your roots coloured evenly without any worries!

And here's how it looks like under normal sunlight!

Sweet right?!

Liese Bubble Hair Colour is available at supermarkets and pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian.

Go check it out now!


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