Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Avalon -- Japanese Flavored Fish Collagen
Plus Giveaway!!!

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Hi everyone!

I believe everyone wanna look good and have heathly skin, good complexion be it you're a girl or guy, right?

Well, I sure there's one thing that no one (I think) is not familar of and that is COLLAGEN.

Many people are still asking like what is collagen and what does it do?
Well, basically collagen helps to repair your cells and increase the elascity of your skin.

Normal food intake is only at most enough to help repair your cells, be it your face or any other parts of your body, and not enough to do the extra step of increasing your skin's elascity.

Thus, you need to take collagen drink!

Here's the new Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen!

It comes in 3 different flavours! You're sure to find one that you like!

Yummy Mango Flavour!

Refreshing Lemon Flavour!

And my personal favourite, Berry Blueberry Flavour!!!

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you would know that yes I do take collagen drink, those bottled one and never those in powder form.

Why? Cos I tried once and it seriously did not taste... pleasant...

But after trying Avalon's collagen that is actually in powder form, my idea of the no-human-should-drink-powder-form-collagen thinking changed!

Like mentioned, I love the blueberry one!

To a ceratin extend, it's actually sweet!

And you know one good thing about the Avalon collagen as compared to all those bottled ones?

I can bring them around with me!
Great for busy people like me!

I always forget to take my collagen drink in the morning as I'm always rushing out for work, for shoots, for anything to everything!
And at night, I just can't wait to go to beed after a long tiring day, I just never take my collagen drink!

With the Avalon collagen being in such small, light-weight packed form, all I have to do is to bring along a few stick packs in my bag (just incase I forgot to top-up) and take it when I reach work!

No people, eating and drinking is not allowed on public transport! Lol~

Just tear open one stick pack of your favourite flavoured Avalon collagen

And straight into my mouth!

Yummy~ I love the blueberry one!

Don't forget to drink LOTS of water after taking the collagen powder as it's really concentrated!
Plus! It's important to drink lots of water after taking collagen products to prevent outbreaks!
(Info from one of my Japanese friend who's actually a doctor)

And of course, if you do not like taking the powder straight like that, you can always mix it with a cup of water or even FRESH fruit juice!

Still, don't forget to drink LOTS of water after that!

So now! Here's your chance to try the new Avalon Collagen!

I'll be giving out 2 packets of each flavour in which each packet consists of 5 stick packs randomly to 6 readers!

All you have to do is to LIKE Avalon FB Page, @
and LIKE my FB Page @
and tell me why you wanna try the Avalon Collagen on my FB Page Wall itself!

Giveaway deadline: 14 Oct 2011, 2359.

Sorry but as it's food product, this giveaway is only available to Singapore addresses.

Stay pretty everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. You'reee sooooooooo cute and I love your eyes!


  2. You look amazing!! <3
    Do you change your hair color?? It reaallyyyy suits youuu!!
    Also I wanna know what is the model of lens that you wearing?? ^3^
    because I just love them!!! LOL

    1. Hi!
      Yes I did change my hair colour.
      It's Pink Brown.
      I was wearing Princess Mimi in Apply Green. (^^)

  3. Do u still rememeber which gelish color are u using ? I mean the no. code. Many many thanks the color suit u so much



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