Wednesday, 12 October 2011

♥ Love More Aqua Mask ♥

Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

As you may have known if you are on my FB page, I was trying on Love Mask's new Aqua Mask just Sunday night!

Yeah! So here's my box of the new Aqua Mask from Love More!

Check out who's the new face of Love More!

It's Cindy Wang Xin Lin!

Oh Baby~ 情话多说一点,想我就多看一眼!

Pretty Pink packaging, ME LOVES!!!

I got the box that is most suitable for dry skin and yes,
I do have dry skin. *sigh*

I really love the scent of the mask is it's light with a little sweetness.
Like.. Floral~!

As this mask unlike the previous Love More I reviewed on that is longer for the neck area, I'll put my mask on my neck area for about 2-3 mins after the 15 mins I used on my face!

Read on my previous review here
Heehee~ Learnt from one of my readers!

I really like this mask as it's light, moisturising and leaves my skin nice and soft!

Thank you Love More, once again!

You can get your very own box of Love More Aqua Mask for $11.90 of a box of 7 pieces at any Watsons outlet!


    Because I am very intrested in. Do you know if I can get it in France online?

    Thank you for the review ^^

  2. coco.jewels へ
    Yup it does! You can try searching online.
    Mine was sponsored by
    you can check it out. =)



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