Friday, 9 September 2011

SKE48 Vol. 5 & Vol. 7 +
Random Bimbo Dinner Out

Hi everyone!!!

Finally I'm gonna blog on SKE48's concerts!

First up! SKE48 Vol. 5!

2011年7月27日 - Stage①

Random photo taken at Artica that afternoon

So I met Himeko for dinner before heading down to *Scape for SKE48's very first concert in Singapore!
We had the (at that point) new Cheesy Fried Chicken at KFC and seriously, we felt super cheated. It wasn't even nice! Wth~

Thanks to Jim!!!
Tickets to SKE48 Vol.5 for Himeko, Michiyo, OZ, Wingz and I!

Hurhur~ Hiding my face

*Hurhur copied from Himeko*

As you can see, I was wearing my WC Sweater and I guess apparently one of the SKE48 members loves WC, too! She was like so excitied when she saw me wearing the WC Sweater during the handshake session.

I really enjoyed the SKE48's Concert lots even though I only knew 2 of their songs before the concert.

Nope neither songs were 《1,2,3,4 ヨロシク》

Bubble Tea @ Artease after the concert!

2011年9月4日 - Stage②

Once again, THANK YOU JIM!!!

So after the second time watching SKE48's Concert, I can proudly say that I LOVE RIHO-CYAN!!!

I actually noticed her during the first concert already and did started to like her then, but after the second concert, I LOVE HER!!!

And yes am I jealous that she's 1.66m tall.
*Feels so short small beside her~*

And yea, ME LOVE SKE48!!!

2011年8月25日 - 美千代ちゃんどこに行ったの?

Simple makeup for the evening

Met Himeko and Yijing for dinner that evening.
Sadly Elfaine had to work overtime, again, and Michiyo's work didn't end on time so... ya...

Himeko's 2nd day of Uni-life! Look at her notes!

Camwhoring away while waiting for Himeko

Looking forward to dinner~

We had dinner at ION's Ginza Bairin as Himeko wanted something that has chicken but she ended up NOT ordering chicken...

What bloggers do best, snappy photos!

And what else does bloggers have to do?

Keep a schedule of events to attend and reviews to be up etc etc!

See we all so hardworking!

And seriously, from each of our organisers, you can see how different the each of us are at organising our time and days and things-to-do.

Here's BinboBimbo signing off!

By the way everyone, I just got a new full-time job but I promise that I would still try to blog as much as possible!

XOXO Tsuriki!


  1. ohh myyy ur getting prettier prettier ><!!
    are u r lashes from dolly wink?
    and pzz do makeup tutorial soon <3 I miss your videos (:

  2. Who Am I? へ
    Thank you~! <3
    For this post, only the lashes I wore to SKE48's 2nd concert was DollyWink, Design #01. The rest are lashes that I edit myself with some random lashes I have at home.
    I'll try to do another makeup tutorial video when possible! =)



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