Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cetaphil - Gentle yet effective skincare for you!

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Hi everyone!
Today I'm gonna share with everyone this facial cleanser that is really gentle yet yet effect, too!

I'm not sure about you but I've seen Cetaphil selling in stores for quite some time already and was wondering if it's good as I personally have very sensitive skin. So many of my skincare products I go for are like fragrance free and gentle and the list goes on...

Thanks to TheDiceStudio, I was able to try the Cetaphil out!

Here are the key features of Cetaphil!

  • Cetaphil is suitable for ALL skin type!

  • Cetaphil is ideal for not only facial use, but also body use!

  • Cetaphil works effectively without causing irritations

  • Cetaphil is pH balanced with its non-soap formulation

  • Cetaphil can be used with or without water

  • Cetaphil is recommended by dermatologists and paediatricians worldwide!

  • Travel pack arrived!!!

    The travel pack comes with 3 different products!


    1. Gentle Skin Cleanser
    2. Moisturising Cream
    3. UVA/UVB Defense

    Ok~ Before I continue any further, I have to admit that I photoshopped my photos a little cos an irritating mosquito bit me! Yes~ on my face! WTH~

    Gentle Skin Cleanser, made in Canada!
    It's more like liquid form of cleasner other than the usual foamy type that is even more gentle on the skin!

    I was looking at the ingredients list and guess what?
    The Gentle Skin Cleanser is actually made up most by Water!

    Moisturising Cream, manufactured in France!
    Like what it is called, it's a cream moisturiser instead of the usual lotion type for many other brands.

    It absorbed really fast and left my skin moisturised for a longer time!
    And it smells like baby lotion. Heehee~

    UVA/UVB Defense, made in France!
    If you still do not know, sunscreen is a very important factor to skincare, too!

    This sunscreen is more watery which is easily absorbed into the skin leaving the skin non-geasy, too!
    Plus! This sunscreen has SPF 50+!

    Yeah happy happy me with gentle skincare range!

    Wanna know more? Head down to their road shows on the following dates!

    There's a giveaway going on, too! Check out my Twitter for more details!
    Giveaway is limited to one entry per twitter account, and those residing in Singapore only.
    Deadline: 9th September, 2011.

    Stay pretty everyone!

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