Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Movie Review: Johnny English: Reborn

Hi everyone!

Last week I was invitied by to the sneak preview of new comedy by none other than Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, in his all new movie Johnny English: Reborn!

I caught the movie together with Himeko and *ahem* was meeting her at the cinema a difficult task.
Why? I shall not go into details.

*See Himeko~ I so nice... Heehee*

So! Johnny English REBORN!!!

Like all Rwan Atkinson's comedies, never fail to make me laugh!
So yea, I really enjoyed the movie!

Seriously, the guy sitting behind me laughed so hard, he actually kicked my seat quite a couple of times. Like.. real HARD.

However, as compared to the very first Johnny English movie back in the 2003, I found the first movie much more funnier.
But still the sequel is really funny, too!
*Cough cough*
Sorry laughed too much during the movie...

Johnny English: Reborn is now out in Cinemas!
Go watch it! *wahahahahahahahaha*

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