Monday, 19 September 2011


Hi everyone!
Today I have something I wanna confess.
Have you ever seen or know people that buys Japanese magazines for the freebies?

Well, I am one of them.

Although I do not buy just any magazines just for their freebies if I don't read the magazine in the first place. Cos the pile of Japanese magazine I have at home seriously isn't a small one and my mom is really unhappy about it already.

So how? What if I really really want the nice bags and stuff that comes with the magazine even though I am not very interested in the magazine at all in the first place?
Well, here's a blogshop to recommend to you!


And guess what? I've gotten 2 items from them!
Samantha Thavasa Hello kitty Floral Leather Card Case

So cute right?! I'm putting my Ez-Link card in it now!

And one more. The hot seller that everyone grabbed when it was released...

The Agnes B Tote!!!

And unlike many other blogs that I came acrossed, The Agnes B Tote babg actually came together with the bag charm!


GSS SPECIAL is currently having a promotion web under HWL!

Bags are sold at discounted price at up to 60% off.
Those bags priced at $14 actaully selling at $25 and above at many other places!

Do check it out!
Happy shoppping everyone!!!


  1. You look so ctue!!! : D I love the way you photoshop thoese blushes!



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