Thursday, 22 September 2011

☆ 22歳になった (≧∇≦)/ ☆

Hi everyone!

Yes I've officially turned 22 on the 13th last month.

Sadly, I realised that I've never really celebrated my birthday other than in 2009 where I went Japan for my birthday, my birthdays were plainly dance practices as Natsu Matsuri is so so near and we all just have nothing else on our minds other than to practice well and put up a good performance.

So yes, this year was dance practic, again.
And worst, it was a Saturday. (ーー;)

Many people have been asking mee where do I learn my dance and stuff, so I mind as well take this oppurtunity to blog it up.

Like said, I do not learn dance from any schools or studios.
I dance with my dance group, Ardorythmatics, which is formed mainly with alumni of my fellow CCA Dance division members when I was in Poly.

If you were to ask which poly was I from, I was from Nanyang Polytechnic FYI.

So yes, that's mainly about it.

So back to my birthday/dance practice.

We had full-dressed rehearsal for Natsu Matsuri that day and every girl dancing the first dress got our very own hair accessory that are fully hand-made by one of our member, Wingz!

Ok. I have to apologise but I have totally no makeup on.
Please bear with my naked face.

Here's better look at my hair piece.

So yes, Wingz made like 10 different designed sets of hair accessories for us! SHE'S AWESOME!!!

Dance practice continued like hell and as expected, forever kena scolding.

Near to the end of practice, Daniel suddenly showed up with a birthday cake!

Yea my dear bf asked Daniel to help him buy a cake for me as my horrible instructor was too busy scolding us upside down, inside out that day. (T▽T)

Time-out for a short while for me to make a wish, blow the candles...

Cut my cake and back to PRACTICE!!!

So when did we get to eat the cake?

After practice, during debriefing! That's about... an hour later?

My xiao di Lue eating strawberry

Funny right? With the leaves sticking out of his mouth!?

Ok... It took me a huge lot of courage to put this photo up.

Sweet Bryan actually bought me a small Doraemon cake on his own.
So nice right~?!

Sadly, he left before I could thank him in person. (‘A`)

And here's my little card that Sok Hiang gave me
(in case you still have not seen it)

Still waiting for the perfect time and date where our whole batch can go out for dinner or something! Lol~ (^v^)

Ok ok last photo.

I had dinner with my dad, stepmom, sis and Raymond the following day!

Instead of the usual, my stepmom thought of trying out something new

The place sure was really nice

Food wise... I think the western food at my neighbourhood hawker centre sells better food.

Daddy and stepmom ordered the same thing, Pork Chops!

My sis's potato seafood something...
Forgot the name of it.

My Devil's Chicken.
Some fried chicken with mango sauce.

Well, I liked my sis's food better and she prefers my devil's chicken so we ended up swapping our food.

Raymond had Ox tails stew.
The photo is too blurry so I did not put it up.

Pathetic dessert...

So ya. After dinner we headed to my dad's new condo for some chit chat and TV time.

Oki! That's all for my humble birthday this year.
Next post, Natsu Matsuri!


  1. Hope you had a nice day, happy belated 22nd to you~

    I know i'm late... >3<
    Your post is so cute!! you look so happy!! Makes me feel happy too.. LOL

    I just wanna say that I love your blog! <3
    You're sooo pretty!!!

  3. Jodie & Jenniferへ
    Thank you! *^-^*

  4. hi for the lemon juice you brought from batam do singapore sell too ?

  5. Ah weiへ
    Yup Singapore do sell it, too, at selected Supermarkets.

  6. Replies
    1. Nope, I am not a Lesbian. I'm straight.



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