Friday, 18 February 2011

けいおん ねんどろいど♡ぷち


I finally received my K-On Nendoroid Petite Set that I pre-order from Toycoin as mentioned in this post last year a few weeks ago!

Yippe! Ok~ I wanna say that I love their service so so much!

They know that I do nail extentions and stuff and adviced me to get someone to help me fix the Nendoroids so that I do not spoil neither the Nendoroids nor my nails. And also, they even offered to help me if I have any problems with fixing the Nendoroid Petites.

So nice and friendly right?!

Not only that! When they delivered this huge box to my house, my mom asked them how much is it and stuff (I can imagine how on earth my mommy pester the staff of Toycoin) but the person didn't say a single word about the price etc at all!

Ok. Enough said~ NOW! For the MAIN highlight of this post!



And the secret piece revealed!
Moe Mio~!

Oki! That's all for this short post of mine.
I'll blog about my Ranka Nendoroid Petite after it's delivered to MUA! (笑)



  1. Omgs your figures are so cute!!! I love it! : D It is super adorable!! :D : D I love <3

  2. waaaaa kawaii~~~~~ o(≧∀≦)o kyaaaa i love
    K-ON!!!!!! my fave fave manga/anime lucky you such cute figurines >u<



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