Sunday, 13 February 2011

SANA なめらか本舗

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I'm sure everyone wants pretty pretty complexion that's not only well moist but also best if it's like fish ball, QQ one!

So how are you to improve on elasticity of your face?

Well one way is of course to drink collagen drink!

However, one thing about collagen drink is that it has to taken on a regular basis over at least a period of time for results to be seen.

Plus! Collagen drink are pretty pricey so not everyone is able to afford it especially students, right?

So ex must not waste a single sip of it!!!

So how? We can't eat tons of chicken skin, fish skin every single day to be able to get THAT amount of collagen to help improve our skin ar...

TADA!!! SANA なめらか本舗 ハリつやライン CoQ10 is now available in Singapore!!!

See! There's Collagen Q10 in it oh~!

Now you're just 5 steps daily anyway from QQ skin!

Step 1 - Cleansing
Removing all traces of impurities.
1.Cleansing Cream/ Oil needed for heavy makeup with foundations, waterproof products.
2.Cleaning Milk/ Water needed for light makeup with only loose/ pressed powder, no waterproof products
3.Cleansing Wash to whip into rich foam is ultimate important. The finer the foam the better the ability to penetrate pores/lines for thorough cleansing.

And of course! I use my foaming net to foam up my facial foam!
Seriously, this facial foam is SUPER DUPER creammmy!

Step 2 – Toning
Replenishing of skin’s natural water content
1.Lots of skin lotion padding with cotton pads till skins feel cools.

Using hands is not recommended as most of the lotion will be absorbed into our palm instead.

Step 3 – Essence (Optional but I LOVE it!)
1.Tackling on particular skin’s concern.
Eg. Fine lines, elasticity, uneven tone/ freckles.
2.One who feels that normal toning and moisturizing could not quench the thirst of your skins.

Step 4 – Moisturizer
Replenishing of skin’s Lipid(oil) content
1.Spread onto palm and apply to face with gently stroke. Starting from the dryer to oily area of your face.

Tips: Use more for dry skin type. Use lesser for oily skin type.

Steps 5 – Face Cream
Act as a shield layer to prevent water and oil content to escape through all condition including air-conditioning, winds, sunlight.

Tips: Use more for dry skin type. Use lesser for oily skin type.

And which is my favourite of the whole range?

It's the Namerakahonpo Haritsuya Essence which is a HUGE hit in Japan oh!!!

C'mon! Good skin is achievable!!!

There's also a contest going on on SANA's Facebook page with hampers waiting to be won!
Check it out now!!!


  1. hey, just wanna ask you. if we drink the collagen drink, instead of everyday 1 btl, can we drink alternate days? the result will still be the same? or differ alot? and what is the taste like for the above 2 pic? have you tried out FANCL Tense UP?

  2. はじめまして、こんにちは( *^▽^*)

    Hi, nice to meet you.
    I'm a japanese who live in Japan.
    I watched Tokyo Kawaii TV, then write this.
    You're so cute on TV!!

    Keep on challanging!
    I'll be your fan.


  3. Anonymousへ
    Hi! Personally I drink only bottle a week. At most 2 bottles a week if I feel that my skin condition is a bit bad that week or before any shoots/filming.
    The Biyou one is kinda sour. Sorry but I just bought the Sato one and have not tried it yet. But from the ingredients, I guess the Sato one won't be as sour cos the Biyou one is mostly grape juice whereas Sato is mostly apple juice.
    Sorry but I have not tried FANCL tense up before.


  4. Where can I purchase the sana coq10 skincare products in sg?

  5. Anonymousへ
    I remember seeing it sold at Guardians.
    You can check it out there. =)



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