Tuesday, 22 February 2011



On Sunday, I met up with my Primary school and Seconday school friends!

★ Outfit of the day あの日の私服 ★
Black Furry Painter Hat / Popu-Store
Nerdy Black Specs / Far East Plaza
Puma Jacket / Puma
Rosebullet Inspired Fur Short Pants / Popu-Store
Sneaker Heels / New Look

★ Makeup of the day あの日のメイク ★
DollyWink #2 Upper Lash
SASA 552 Lower Lash
Candy Magic Big Grey Lenses
Melliesh #3 Blush
CandyDoll Peach Blush
SANA Lip Concealer

Ok~ I guess some people may be thinking like are my primary and seconday friends the same people?

Answer: Nope.

Plus! I was from a girls' primary school so it total impossible for me to have guy friends if they are all from my primary and secondary school.

My Primary school friends, dear Kathy!
I got to know her since Primary 1 and that's like 15 years ago?!

And YEAH do I miss my dear Kathy!!!
The last time I met her was last year before another secondary school friend of mine went for NS together with...

...Icy Darren.
Got to know him since Seconday 1.
And this cold-blood guy was like sitting right beside me. (-_-")
Life was quiet~
And yes, that's 9 years ago!
OMG, again!

Iggy~! Got to know him since Seconday 3, 7 years ago.
Ok~ I'm not trying to show how old am I and stuff, but I just kinda wanna remind myself like how long have I known these friends of mine that I treasure alot even though we may not meet up often anymore as everyone are busy with our individual lives now.

And here's my lunch! 昼食!

Clam Chowder Soup with Garlic Bread

♥ My Creamy Scallop Pasta! ♥
As usual, I forgot the exact name of this pasta again.
BUT! Ths taste is unforgetable!
♥ LOVES!!! ♥

Camwhored a little while Iggy went to buy his jeans at Uniqlo after lunch.

Once again, it's a TORTURE to take Darren's photo!
Stupid Dar~ Everytime don't know shy what...
Not as if never take photo before! Roar~!

Pretty pretty photo of my dear~


Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's!!!

*Gosh~ Now I miss Gerry!*
Totally off topic but everytime I think of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, I just can't stop but thinking of my bestie Gerry!!!
October faster COME COME COME!!!

So back to ICE CREAM!!!

Dear and I diggin' IN!!!!

美味しい~ ♥

The flavour I chose was like most popular!
Cookie Affair!
Anyone else here is a fan of cookies and cream ice cream like me?

The after mess.

As usual, Mr. Darren always SLEEP!

And everyone started playing with my Nerdy Specs which Alvin also has one and wore it that day, too!
Ok~ Who's Alvin out a sudden?

Alvin is my "姐妹" that was in the same class as Darren and I when we were in Secondary 1.
OK~ Basically the 3 of us were in the same class all 4 years in Seconday school lah~ LOL

Sadly I wasn't able to take photo with Alvin that day as he suddenly had "work" to do.

So! Back to NERDY photos with my NERDY specs!




Tsuriki! ME!!!

And to end off, here's more camwhore photos of Kathy and I!

Hmm.. There was supposed to be more photos but as usual, Kathy deleted all the photos that she isn't pretty in.

*I ain't happy about it, but I just take it that I never see ba... *

Oki! That's all for today!

Can't wait to meet these peeps again for dinner on Friday!

Good night everyone!


  1. aww...super nice photoshoots just as always xD! what cam u used? I waaaant it~

  2. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린へ
    Thank you~ I'm using a Olympus PEN Lite. =)

  3. How much did you pay for the camera? Oh, and nice jacket you have! Love the detailing, it's like a fastener in front. Is it selling in stores right now?

  4. Anonymousへ
    I got my camera for $998 with one basic kit lens.
    Thank you!
    Sorry but I got that jacket quite a long time ago, I don't think you can get that in store now.

  5. Toooo cute ♥ Love your circle lens!

  6. your photos are looking nice nowadays :))))
    enjoys reading your blog.
    stay cute
    cheers ^.^v

  7. Omg I've got the same top you friend Kathy is wearing! :D

    Cute photos and I'm a fan of cookies and cream ice cream too! xD

    And I just noticed your birthday is on the same day as mine! °O°

    It's my first time reading your blog, keep up the good work! ^^



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