Saturday, 5 February 2011


Happy New Year Everyone!

How's your new year so far everyone?
Guess many of you are enjoying this long weekend alright!

Outfit of the day!
Rosebullet Inspired Fur Short Pants in Plain Brown from Popu-Store
Liz Lisa Inspired Floral Poncho from Popu-Store
Brown Heels from New Look

Makeup for the day!
Super Nudy Barbie Pink EOS Lenses
DollyWink #1 Upper Lashes
DollyWInk #8 Lower Lashes
Melliesh #3 Blush
CandyDoll Peach Blush
SANA Lip Concealer
(This Lip Concealer works like a nude lipstick to me)

Decided to change to a softer look for the first day of new year.
Don't wish to scare my relatives on the first day of new year alright~

I'm really happy this year cos my boyfriend accompanied me to go 拜年 on the first day of new year!
And of course, yeah I managed to go 拜年! As I was super sick for like 3 days before new year, I though I may not be able to go out even on new year's day!

Oh well~ Although being sick seriously sux, I do like one thing alright~
I can save time photoshopping my photos! Why? Cos My face always slim down when I'm sick!
Ok~ Bad way of slimming down but oh well...

Lastly, once again,

Happy New Year!


  1. Kawaii poncho!
    Happy new year to u ^^

  2. Happy new years to you too!!!!
    You're always so cute I love our outfit so fuzzy and cute *_____*

    I always love your eye makeup, it's so beautiful!

  3. wahh so cuteeee like always >u< happy new year to you too ^u^



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