Thursday, 22 July 2010

New Nails -- Sweet Floral Garden


Firstly, I've update my private spree with the double eyelid tape I'm using, too!
So for those who missed the previous spree, grab yours now!

Next, Nails!

This is the latest set of nails I painted that is inspired by one of the PopTeen's models.
Erm~ I forgot who is it...
I was just flipping through the August issue and thought of this design.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I'm facing a little hiccup while blogging over at Ladies X Tech.


Cos I'm new to blogging about Tech stuff nd am still figuring out how should I go along bloggign about it.

And what's Ladies X Tech?

Well, instead of those boring super detailed tech sites that reviews on gadgets that most girls like me wouldn't understand nor even care to a certain extend, we give you our view of the gadget as a lady ourselves!

I will also be sharing what are some kawaii gadgets in Japan that girls like as love and are using!

So... I'll be blogging over there for the next few days due to my lack of updates over there. =P

Sorry but I'm gonna AIM from quentria for the next few days.

You can still get updates of me from my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter accounts!

I will still reply tags, comments and questions on my formspring.

Oki. That's all for now!
Loves everyone!


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