Monday, 12 July 2010

Bon Voyage Gerry

Woke up before 5am yesterday, went to the airport to send Gerry off.

Very last photo taken with Gerry with my camera previous Sunday on the way home from Cosfest.

Was already missing her before she even flew and duh~ of course now is worst! Nothing I can do now. Hope that everything's gonna be fine for her and for her to settle down asap over there.

Must come back in December oh! LOL~


So I was out the whole day. After having Burger King breakfast at the airport, all of us went exploring the airport T3 before heading down to town.

Chill Chill~

Went to 313 @ Somerset for dinner!

We initally decided to go for Korean food however, my legs were giving way already. I just can't survive walking all the way there!!! So we decided to stop at 313 and had Go Go Curry for dinner!

Shared Grand Slam with my boyfriend!

Ok~ Maybe if one day I'm super duper hungry, I can actually finish the whole thing by my own!

Boyfriend order extra bowl of Ramen. It's nice~ Reminds me of the ramen I had last year at Harajuku!

*Then reminds me of the super captable ojisan working at the kawaii ramen shop...*

Got my essential shopping done throughout the day at Watson's and SASA

Got myself a new face press powder as my current MJ one's using up already!

I was like so so so happy when I saw the KATE products being sold in Ngee Ann City Watson's! Now I no longer have to go specially to a Kanebo counter to get my KATE products!!!

I'm a super supporter for KATE products simply because they're great and not very expensive! Every time any of my friends or family goes Japan, I'll sure ask them to help me get some KATE stuff back! They always have discounts there at various pharmancies!

Ok ok ok... That's all for today!

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