Thursday, 8 July 2010

Go Go Curry + EOS Lens


Here's a short post while I still prepare my hair dye post.

Last Friday, I met Jo for lunch at Somerset @ 313 where we had Go Go Curry before going for my hair appointment!
Kai has been telling me that the curry there is nice and etc etc etc. So we've decided to go try it for ourselves!

Jo's Katsu Curry Rice!

My Ebi Curry Rice!

I would have to say that it was actually really not bad!
But if you're expecting the usual apple japanese curry that is selling at many many places, then you're wrong!
It actually has quite a pepperish taste!

Even though Jo and I don't eat spicy food, it is still bearable and yes, it is pretty nice!
Both of us had the smallest size, healthy size, which is actually really enough already! I seriously can't imagine how huge the serving is gonna be for the biggest size!

Next, EOS Lens.

Many people have been asking me again like where do I buy my contact lens.

As reviewed previously, I got my old lens from
However, they suck! (Sorry but that's the only word I can think of)

Do read my review both part 1 for service and part 2 for service under my review list.

I've gotten 2 new pairs of EOS lens.
I'm not gonna tell you where exactly do I get it from as I myself don't really know, too.
I got a friend of mine to get it from the supplier she buys hers for quite a long time already.

And no, I will not open spree to help anyone buy either.

So here's the lens that I'm wearing now!

Super Nudy in Pink!

The supplier my friend buys the lens is like super powerful! She (I think) managed to get pink lens with degree!


I have been searching for pink lens that comes with degree for quite a long time sia~

*Photoshoppped to show the lens' pattern*

It actually gives very innocent dreamy kind of look.


Lastly, please vote for me on Watson's YOU Awards for Polished Pefection Award catergory!

Voters stand a chance to win a $100 worth hamper.

And like I said in my previous post, If I win, I'll giveaway the products I win to a lucky reader of mine, too!


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  1. kyaah~ u're so cute~ and it really looks cute on your eye=D hmmm I think I'll get one of them too



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