Friday, 6 November 2009

Hair model for Nana!

Hello! Last Friday I went to Simei ITE to be a hair model for Nana. I've always wondered how does it look like in that ITE cos it's like SO nice lah~

I was supposed to meet Nana at Tampines MRT at 8.30am but I was like super late and reached only around 9.30am! So sorry lah~ meow~

So here is a 'Before' photo Nana had to take for her project submission. I look pretty silly in this photo with like no makeup and wearing that stupid thingy as though I'm advertising for Loreal?! LOL

So after some 'Before' photo-taking, it's time to get to work on my hair or Nana may be late for submission!

And yes~ A little camwhoring while waiting for Nana to prepare stuff that she needs.

First Nana apply some chemical on my roots so to make the colour dye applied later to show its colour faster.

After that is was time to get my colour on my roots!

Nana applied a similar colour to my original hair colour so that it blends well with my original dye colour.

I feel that my head looks so bright after that! hahaha...

Next it was time to do some highlighting and here are the stuff prepared to get my highlights done!

Camwhore while Nana did the highlighting. I was really bored lah~ Imagine I sat there from like 10am to 2pm lah~ and more than an hour , almost 2 hours, was spent on the highlighting itself! I was actually dozing off already but forced myself not sleep as I was super afraid that I may shift or something and disrupt whatever Nana's doing.

Front and side view. LOL. It looked as if I was having a fever and had many ice packs on my head!

See Nana so focus and I was like folling around~! =P

So while waiting for the dye to settle in and stuff, I put on my makeup.

That's me with my half-done eye makeup.

So after washing off the dye, I continued with my makeup while Nana dried and styled my hair.

haha.. I'm good~ (I think) I can put my falsies so nicely and stuff while Nana continued with whatever she had to do! hahaha...

And TADA!!! Fully done!

Nana and I at the dressing room right before photoshoot itself!

Time for photoshoot loh! See Nana doing all final touch-up before a student of their photography club snap the photos.

And here's all of us! Nana, her friends and their models and me!

Back to the 'salon', some finan camwhore photos before leaving!

I have bunny TOOTH! LOL

The 2 photos below has NOT been edited at all!

Can you see my ash green highlights? heehee...

OKi! That's all for now!
Goodnight everyone!
Sweet Dreams!

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