Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Yippe! Last Friday before going to work, I went down to Puma's office to collect some stuff! I was early and like 30mins earlier than Diana. By the time I left, she wasn't even there yet.

So I went down to the office to look for Qian and shopped a little at the sample room. Oh~ I love the Silver Ferrari tote! The very first time I saw it the Ngee Ann City's outlet, I totally fall in love with it already lor~!

See my BIG bag of PUMA stuff! Wahahaha!!!


Not forgetting my vouchers which I used part of it to get boyfriend the pair of Puma X Evisu Black Tattoo jeans he wanted a long time yesterday.

That day, all my colleagues and I went out for lunch together at City Square Mall's Manhattan Fish Market to celebrate Kelly's birthday!

My student meal! heehee... Wasn't very hungry. This small portion was just nice!

OK... Photos from this point onwards are not taken using my camera. They are all taken using Mike's 自恋 camera Samsung ST 550 -- the camera with the screen in front, too. I did not edit them either. Heehee.. Kinda lazy~

Photo taken by Yu Shan

Photo taken by Ah deh~

The guys

The girls...?

And here's EVERYONE!!!

Birthday girl Kelly with her birthday present!


Anderson's ice cream cake

The flavour is chocolate craving I think~

Look at Tommy~

What a big difference in expression sia~

Me with my new Boss, Kelly!

*The company's complicated. Lazy to explain any further*

Ok. That's all for now!

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