Wednesday, 18 November 2009



After getting prepare to go out and stuff, the last thing to do was to wear on my pretty club marc heels and go out of the house to meet my dear boyfriend first. To my horror, one side of the heels's heel came off!


Firstly, I only wore that pair of heels 3 times and each tim for like only a couple of hours. The last and longest time I wore it was to Nuffnang's movie preview for Surrogates! Ah~~~!!!!

Secondly, THAT HEELS IS EXPENSIVE OKAY!!! Although I got it during a sales, but the original price is like $80 SGD LAH!!!

Thirdly, then what should I wear?!

So here's my outfit of the day. Ok... In the end, I did change my sandals to geita instead. I just felt that the whole look feels weird with that pair of sandals on.


After meeting Dann for lunch, we went down to the Youth Park to meet up with the rest. So while the rest were eating their lunch, chit chatting and stuff, I just entertained myself with my 可愛い 白いちゃん.

私、 可愛いですか。

And here's the hungry people munching their food!

See~ Emily~ I so nice. I didn't post up the other photo. LOL

And who's that botak guy at botak Jones?!

Yeah~ It's Lue with his never-changing pose

See Lue~ I so nice~ I photoshopped your photo and give you baby-skinned face okay~

After lunch at Botak Jones, we were over to Cash Studio for our KTV session!!!

Opps! Aunite and Uncle dozing away~ Why we not singing Jappy songs on the DAM system~

That day we only sang one song on the DSM system and that person who sang that song was me! hahaha... Sang Macross Frontier, Ranka's 星間飛行.


And everyone else singing away~!

Seriously~ Zhen Hao sounds pretty not bad~! Nice~~~

And me in boyfriend's huge jacket! LOL

Boyfriend and I!

heehee.. Don't know why just feel like calling him "boyfriend" in this post instead of the usual, just stating his name. LOL

And me, myself and I!

After Karaoke, we went over to Far East Plaza for dinner. Had chicken chop, cutlet rice and rice from a shop at Level 5. After dinner, Jo and I then went shopping with Gerry for her heels to match the dress she bought the other day. We didn't take a long time alright~

And after we left the shop, Gerry was like saying that that is the fastest heels/shoes shopping done. LOL

Then we went over to Watson's where Gerry got her very first eyeliner and blusher! hahaha... Now she finally have her very own basic makep 'kit'!

After shopping, all of us then went over the Scotts's Mac for some drinks and snacks.

i was feeling a little cold and was too lazy to wear boyfriend's huge jacket again, so he lent me the extra tee he brought.

Like SO weird lah~ A girl to wear THAT TEE!!!

Who more chio? Me? Or that char bor on the Tee?
*Don't you dare say that char bo I tell you~*

>P Jealous! Boyfriend wearing a Tee with that char bor on it!

*Huh?! You jealous huh? Orh~*

Here's my pretty hair clip that boyfriend went searching for it when I dropped it after this year's natsu. It was raining like mad that nigh lah~ And my boyfriend still went out into the rain and search for me for like an hour plus lor~ So sweet, so nice of my dear boyfriend~!

And yup! He's my sweet sweet boyfriend! (in that stupid Tee~ Argh~)

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