Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hairstyle of the day

Hello everyone~! I'm currently waiting for the countier delivery. MyFatPocket's getting a look book delivered to me.

*Paused. Just nice the countier delivery is here!*

Today's Daniel and Pei Di's BIG DAY! hahaha...
It was supposed to be a super busy day for me, too.

Saw the word "supposed" ya?

So here's the hairstyle I'm wearing right now.

And hahaha... My sister's work's stuff became my camwhoring props! =P *Bleah*

Still considering if I should redo my hair... Cos my head looks flat from front view. Hmmm...

It's like already the 2nd hairstyle I do up today already lor~ A bit lazy liao~

I was supposed to rush down to school now after receiving the delivery to help the juniors with Open House Performance. BUT! I'm like super pissed off now cos it seems like they themselves don't really wanna do all those at all! Simple things like post videos from YouTube to the forum and all the posts I see on the forum are emo posts and none of them are for singing performance at all!

Upset! Like why should I bother if they themselves don't care?!

After going down to school, I was supposed to rush down for Hair Sponsorship "Auditon" but Elson just sms-ed me in the morning and told me that the "audition" has been postponed. Haiz...

After the "audition" then only I meet Jo before going for Daniel and Pei Di's wedding together.

Hmmm.... Upset...

Shall I leave JMD to themselves?!


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