Tuesday, 16 October 2007


went to k with dann, jaeson and jessica
happy to be able to see bear bear on sunday
cause the initial plan for me was to plan my day with my dad and auntie

so after meeting dann,
we went to mac and get bear bear his lunch.
i accidently dropped his handphone!

so sorry dann...

and i can see
his face changed immediately
and very very very black.


we went to meet up with jaeson and jessica
went in for k
i was still very afraid.

sat at the corner of the sofa...

but after quite sometime,
dann wasnt that angry...
and he ended up cheering me up
when he was the one that was angry.

after k,
jessica went to lessons with jaeson,
whereas dann and i went for a little walk around orchard

i have my other doraemon!
(need to eat kfc again this week)

watched taxi.


really wanted to spend great time together...
cause now that school has reopened
lessons began
i cant stay out that late
max i limit myself to reach home by 11pm,
sleep at 12mn,
latest 12.30am.

like right now.
gonna go sleep right now.

good night everyone~

(i have this feeling that both his handphones are on silent)

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