Monday, 29 October 2007


yoz people!
right now,
in it2844 lab.
you should know what i mean...
if you dont,
then it's okay.
forget it.
that means i dont really intend to make it known to you,
or just...
i never had the chance to.

on saturday morning,
i woke up
and ended up spraining my ankle a little.
the thing that hurt alot,
was me knocking into the cardboard,
and little bookshelf.

after that
prepared then went to school as usual for jmd.

didnt really dance during the normal jmd session
just using brain power to set formation stuff
for this coming wed
hamamatsu exchange program's performance.

after settling the formation,
tried a few times
to make sure that everything by right
everything should falls nicely into that 4 sets.

after that,
sok hiang, kaka and i had a little mv session,
and games session.

oh ya!
i missed out something

before we started playing our little game,
ban theng bullied my girlfriend sok hiang,
so i got a chance
i snatched his lucky cap
and ran off.

he was chasing after me or course.

but then here comes the funny thing.
he was behind me,
telling me that i cant run away
cause he has good stamina.

oh well...
i ran to the girls' toilet.

so what if he can run long distance?
i run faster for short distance,
which i have enough energy to cover
to the girls' toilet
without slowing down


so game...
at first it was only sok hiang,
kaka and i playing

later on,
jaeson and yvonne joined us.


after game,
practice for NEA performance...

but before that,
we had to do lots of stretching,
warm up
and excersies.
motive is to make jaeson tired.

cause they had this birthday "celebration" for him.
and i'm the photographer of this little event.

during the excersises,
there's shuttle run,
wa ha ha.
my ankle kinda...
got a little worse...

after the "celebration"
went back to the room
and practise...

funky town...
all the turning and stuff.
my ankle decided to scream.

sat a side...

later on...
i got scolded by dann...
(ok. danny)

he said that he's d**m angry
cause i had not been practising for 2 weeks already.

i was hurt...

i admit that there is this thingy in me
taking that as a girlfriend role.
but then,
even as a student,
i will still be hurt.

it's not like
"i dont want to practise"
so i sat a side
and do nothing.

it's not.
i want to practise.
but if practising would cause the possibilty
of having one person down for performance,
causing more trouble,
i think i better stay out.

(here comes what happened when i was missing)
(for that i dont know how long time)
feel like crying...
i went to the toilet to wash my face.
after washing.
i sat down at the side of the toilet
and ended up crying.

so i was thinking,
"if i'm really gonna cry,"
"i think i shouldnt sit here."
"what if someone comes in "
"and get a shock seeing me sitting at the side"
"and crying."
"i think i look like a ghost..."

so i've decided to go to the handicap toilet instead.

so i sat down on the floor
cry cry cry...
and i cried until i fell asleep
until the point when gerry shouted my name.

(above was what happened)


blogged till here right now...
lazy liao...
shall finish the post when i get home or something...

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