Friday, 19 October 2007


my dear dad & sister!!!

hey people...
i was just thinking just now
while emo-ing a little in my room..
about this whole holiday thing...

i asked my dad yesterday,
and no.

but then,
it's like i said before
places that i wanna go
that is affordable
he just doesnt wants to go.

i wanna go hong kong
my dad,
my sis,
even my mom,
has went there before.
they went at least twice?!
for my sis,
she went there 3 times already?

and what?
my sis tells me that hong kong isnt fun
and ask me not to go.
ask me save more money to go japan.

oh ya...
like when am i ever going to hong kong like that?
it's a place that i wanna go alot
and what the...
my dad just doesnt wanna go!!!
even if we go,
he would never go to a place that i want!
ocean park.
like what's the point?!

i know...
they had been there before already
like before i was born?!
what the...

you've been there before
feels that it's not fun
or what so ever
just dont wanna go there again
that is like...

then what about me?!

"i can go with my friends some other time"?

stupid lah!

now i can go,
you people just dont allow!!!

what the...

not only hong kong,
so is taiwan.
my dad condem the place
just because of that few places he went
and my sis and i know
that those few places he went
wasnt fun at all!!!

i just think that
it is very unfair

i've always known that my dad treats my sis better

now about coming home late...

when my sis was 18,
or even younger than that
maybe 16 or 17,
almost every saturday i would stay up
and watch japanese dramas in my sis room
i may stay up to 2 or 3 am
then only my sis will come back
or sometimes even not yet.

and the thing about it,
my mom didnt scold,
my dad didnt say a thing!

i know...
my sis has bible study on saturdays then
how would bible study be till 2 or 3 am?

and this april after natsu practice started
i've been home like 11pm plus plus
almost every saturday.

and what?

my sis unhappy,
she reflected to my mom,
my mom nag.
she reflected to my dad,
my dad also unhappy,
warned me.

like what lah!

both 18,
for my sis even younger!
why treatment so different?!


and ya!
i am very unhappy right now?!

and i know!
this is family stuff that should just stay within my family
but i just seriously dont know
how am i going to let my sis and dad know
what on earth am i
trixy mok zhi qi!!!

cause i know!
my dad reads my blog,
my sis ( or rather raymond ) does!

and ya!
i blogging all these just to let you people see!!!
so !
take a good good good good look for yourself!!!

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