Thursday, 4 October 2007

chalet videos

i'm kinda lazy to blog what happened exactly during our still thinking class chalet.
i'm always the first to go to bed
watching about of tv
even when the others were out at the beach
kinda bored
but i had a great time when really all of us
were spending class time together
during the bbq
and when watching the 9pm ch8 show on monday night


the rest,
i'll just leave the blogging to all the stupid videos i took

above video was taken when everyone was planning to go to the beach
and i was slacking on the sofa
watching tv
taking this stupid bo liao video

as for the rest of the videos coming up
they were all taken during the bbq

the main and most interesting video
is the first and second coming up
the rest
i can say...
getting more and more wu liao.

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